Jun 5, 2012

Lily Outside My Window

These plants outside my window had been struggling along for quite some time with the squirrels digging up and eating most of them.  Turns out though, they are a lot more resilient than they seem - here's the first lily with hopefully lots more on the way!

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  1. Belated happy birthday Rads :) hope you had a wonderful day!
    the lily looks so different..especially the color...
    i liked the way you have written 'do not copy' :D

  2. Hi Ramya! Hehehe I did have a nice day..my sis sent me cake..and it was yummmm..:D

    I should play "spot the watermark" game now :D What to do, I thought putting watermark was ugly enough and people would stop using the images, but apparently it doesn't really matter. They just crop out the watermark. Now I am trying this out :D :D Ughhh..blogging can get really ugly!

  3. Even I nevr liked watermarking but to save our images.. we dont have a choice..


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