Jun 16, 2012

pureDKNY Verbana

pureDKNY Verbana (available here)

Look good.  Feel good.  Do good.  This pure scent adds a fresh drop of verbena to a world that needs a moment of calm.  More than a fragrance, it embraces a way of being that takes time out for the simple things, the things closest to the heart: love, joy, comfort, relationships, and community.  This fragrance's verbena calls to mind sparkling citrus and crisp green basil -- a naturally derived ingredient sourced from Africa. The scent's overall character is fresh and bright. A light mix of floral notes, including honeysuckle, peony, jasmine petals, is balanced with a finish of white amber, sea moss, and vetiver.  The bottle, organic in shape and inspired by a drop of water, appears to be formed by nature. The materials include 100% recyclable glass and a cap of high-purity aluminum. Its compostable box is made of sustainably harvested paper manufactured in a mill that uses 100% renewable energy.

pureDKNY Verbena Fragrance Perfume Designer Women Beauty Blog Reviews Ingredients
pureDKNY Verbena - Fragrance Notes

Notes:  Verbena, Honeysuckle, Peony, Jasmine Petals, White Amber, Sea Moss, and Vetiver.
Style:  Fresh. Bright. Sophisticated.

Fragrance descriptions, names, bottle designs, packaging - companies spend a lot of time and money on all this (sometimes, imo, more than they do on what they spend on the actual fragrance), yet most times it all just doesn't make sense to me.  I just don't get the connection between the fragrance I smell and all the fantasy built around it.  The pureDKNY Verbena is one of those rare fragrances where it all fits in.  From the drop-shaped minimalistic design of the bottle to the clean fresh fragrance, there isn't a single discordant note in this perfume.  I would describe this as a fresh, mildly citrusy floral and a very light and clean smell.  A subtle scent, this is perfect for the spring/summer days, but also for any time you want to smell good without being too overbearing or obvious.   It doesn't last too long on me, though, or at least I could not smell it after a while.  Layering the spray over the body butter would probably solve that issue.

pureDKNY Verbena - Ingredients

pureDKNY Verbena Fragrance Perfume Designer Women Beauty Blog Reviews Ingredients
pureDKNY Verbena - Ingredients
I typed out the ingredients from the box, so there could be some typos in there :P
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  1. ooh, another scent with jasmine in it! I'm starting to get the idea that you as obsessed with jasmine as I am!

  2. :D...this just happened to be there in a set I picked up..but this doesn't have a real jasmine note to it that I can smell like some other perfumes do.


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