Jul 27, 2012

Diorshow Mascara in Rich Black 090: Review

Dior Show Mascara in Rick Black 090 (available here) - $ 25

The original, award-winning Dior mascara that has been a backstage cult-favorite for 10 years, this mascara delivers perfectly plush, everyday glam lashes with an innovative XXL brush for maximum show-stopping volume. Its creamy, buildable, customizable formula allows you to achieve the same dramatic lash volume that can be seen on the Dior runway for a glamorous, false lash effect.  The legendary brush came after a true moment of inspiration. Dior makeup artists would use plush toothbrushes to coat models lashes backstage to create show-stopping, catwalk lashes and volume when a regular mascara wand just wouldn't do. It's also available in a waterproof formula.

Makeup Diorshow Mascara Rich Black 090 Beauty Blog Reviews Ingredients Best Natural Looking Dark Lengthening

Another of the bonuses from a Sephora shopping spree ages back, the Diorshow mascara had been lying around mostly ignored until last week when I started cleaning out my makeup and decided I just have to finish up a whole lot of products.  Aside from a Rouge Serum lipstick, I haven't bothered to try out anything else from the Dior range, mostly because I really didn't like the lipstick.  This mascara, though, might be a step towards repairing the damage.

Makeup Diorshow Mascara Rich Black 090 Beauty Blog Reviews Ingredients Best Natural Looking Dark Lengthening

The best part about this mascara, for me, is the big fat brush/applicator wand.  This isn't something unique to the Diorshow mascara, but a lot of other mascaras that boast such chubby wands don't have the same arrangement of bristles. Perhaps Dior just has a better formula, but whatever the reason may be, I find this does an awesome job of reaching each of my lashes, including the ones in the very corners without leaving smears on my eyelids.  The formula is superb, providing natural-looking, beautifully separated lashes without any flaking or smudging.  With mascaras, I think, whether you like a particular kind or not depends on what effect you are looking for - I like natural-looking lashes that are lengthened, separated, and the mascara needs to hold the curl that I get from my lash curler.  I deposit most of the color at the root of my lashes and wiggle the wand upward to just lightly coat the rest of the lashes.  For my requirements, the Diorshow works beautifully, and this could easily be one of my favorite mascaras.  If you are looking for dramatically volumized lashes, though, this might leave you disappointed.  The mascara does have a slight fragrance to it that doesn't really bother me, and I don't find it strong either, but if you prefer unscented makeup products you might find it an issue.

Diorshow Mascara in Rich Black 090 - Ingredients

Makeup Diorshow Mascara Rich Black 090 Beauty Blog Reviews Ingredients Best Natural Looking Dark Lengthening
Diorshow mascara in Rich Black 090 - Ingredient list typed out from the Sephora website, so please excuse any typos.
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  1. I remember seeing ths mascara sumwhr at hme :p since i dnt use mascaras much, wld hav ignored it! Hope i find it now :p

    1. Try it out na, Aarthi, if it isn't too old.....would love to know your opinion on this!

  2. Oh I hated this mascara!!! I do not get the hype at all and have seen better results from pretty much every drugstore mascara I've literally ever tried!

    1. Hehehe..I was reading through the reviews on Sephora (I love love doing that :D) and a lot of ppl seem to share your sentiment...somehow I liked it..you think it's a deluxe sample so the formula would be any different?


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