Aug 24, 2012

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Swatches

Urban Decay Eye Shadows (available here) - $18

The newly reformulated eye shadows from Urban Decay feature soft velvety texture, decadent color, uniform pigment distribution and blendability, and long-lasting crease-free wear. This is my final installation of the swatches from this collection - this time it's the blues, greens, and a couple of grey-blacks.  Fun fact:  Packaging of the new shadows was inspired by NYC subway tokens; the chromed gunmetal compact with a clear window allows you to see your shade and pop your shadows out and into one of the new customizable palettes.

Urban Decay Makeup Eye Shadow Swatches Indian Beauty Blog

Here's a look at the swatches:

Urban Decay Makeup Eye Shadow Swatches Kush Mildew Bender Indian Beauty Blog
Kush - grass green shimmer with gold micro-glitter
Mildew - mossy green shimmer with gold shift
Bender - forest green metallic with gold micro-glitter
Urban Decay Makeup Eye Shadow Swatches Loaded Shattered Indian Beauty Blog
Loaded - deep metallic emerald
Shattered - turquoise shimmer with gold shift

Urban Decay Makeup Eye Shadow Swatches Peace Radium Evidence Indian Beauty Blog
Peace - bright turquoise shimmer
Radium - peacock blue shimmer
 Evidence - deep navy blue shimmer
Urban Decay Makeup Eye Shadow Swatches Haight Gunmetal S&M Indian Beauty Blog
Haight - mermaid blue shimmer
Gunmetal - dark metallic grey with silver micro-glitter
S&M - steel grey shimmer with subtle taupe shift
Urban Decay Makeup Eye Shadow Swatches Pistol, Mushroom Verve Indian Beauty Blog
Pistol - light greyish brown shimmer
Mushroom - warm pale grey shimmer
Verve - oyster shimmer
Urban Decay Makeup Eye Shadow Swatches Oil Slick Blackout Polyester Bride
Oil Slick - matte black with silver micro-glitter
Blackout - blackest black matte
Polyester Bride - white snow shimmer with silver micro-glitter
Urban Decay Eye Shadows - Purples/Pinks/Plums
Urban Decay Eye Shadows - Browns/Beige


  1. I'm dying to try the Urban Decay eyeshadows, they're expensive but I'm thinking about getting the Naked palette!


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