Sep 9, 2012

Burberry Sport Eau de Toilette (for Women)

Burberry Sport Eau de Toilette (for Women):   A feminine and vibrant fragrance with essential top notes of mandarin, warming ginger and sea salt, gentle floral heart notes of magnolia and sweet honeysuckle, and warm exotic solar notes of musk and cedar wood.  Style: Crisp. Radiant. Lively.

Burberry Sport Eau de Toilette EDT Designer Perfume Fragrance Women Indian Beauty Blog Reviews
Burberry Sport Eau de Toilette EDT Designer Perfume Fragrance Women Indian Beauty Blog Reviews

I got Burberry Sport as part of a coffret I picked up from Sephora some time back.  I would describe the smell as a fresh citrusy floral scent that's tempered with a hint of the sea to it.  While definitely a perfume for women, it does border a bit towards unisex - sort of like some of the perfumes for men which I wish were available for women, perhaps with a little tweak.  I guess it's the sporty citrusy smell mixed with a lack of sweetness which makes it seem this way.   I am not a huge fan of Burberry Sport, mostly because it's not the sort of floral that I instinctively tend to pick for myself, but it has a nice freshness to it that's very welcome on warm summer days.  This also would be a great pick for a perfume to wear to office if you are looking for something clean and fresh and unobtrusive.  Surprisingly, I get a pretty good wear time with this, smelling a faint citrusy freshness even at the end of the day.  Overall while I still don't reach for this as often as I do some of the other perfumes, the days that I do use it, I sure do appreciate the sense of freshness that it gives me.

Have you tried Burberry Sport?  Is it a yayy or a nay for you?

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    1. Do give it a try the next time you are at a counter :)

  2. This is my favvvvvvvvvvvvorite Rads.. If you want to know what kind of fragrance I like then it is this Burberry Sport kinds :D

    1. Haaa...I knowwww...I remember you telling me before you like this one!! My sister also likes these kind of fragrances :D


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