Sep 26, 2012

TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Makeup Brush: Review

TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Brush ($25) - This large, rounded brush feels super-soft on your skin and is ideal for applying and blending powder foundation.  High-density, synthetic hair pick up ultra-fine powders and feel extra soft on the face’s delicate skin. The long-lasting, hygienic bristles resist flattening. Specially-designed handle stands upright.

TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Best Good Makeup Brushes Indian beauty Blog Review

I was looking for a good, reasonably priced makeup brush to apply powder foundation with when I found the TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Brush on sale at one of their many awesome sales.  I wasn't sure if this chubby little makeup brush would fit my needs, but it was just too cute to resist.  Turns out this is just as useful as it is cute!

TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Best Good Makeup Brushes Indian beauty Blog Review

Like all the other TBS brushes, the Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation brush too features synthetic bristles and is an ideal pick for anyone looking for cruelty-free products.  The fibers are very soft and are densely packed into a dome-shaped head. Though it's thickly packed, the brush head moves easily on the skin and does not feel stiff or difficult to work with.  Picking up and applying powder is a breeze, with the brush picking up just the right amount of powder and depositing it just as easily.

TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Best Good Makeup Brushes Indian beauty Blog Review
TBS Extra Virgin Minerals Foundation Best Good Makeup Brushes Indian beauty Blog Review

There isn't a fault I could find with this brush.  It's an affordably priced makeup brush and a steal if you pick it up during one of Body Shop's many sales.  The quality is fabulous, and I have never had an issue with shedding, loss of softness, discoloration, or any other such issues with this brush (or with any of the other TBS makeup brushes either).  I haven't tried similar brushes from other brands to compare, but I think it would be safe to assume this would hold it's own against some of the best!

My favorite part about this brush, though, is the handle.  Not just because it's the perfect size to hold and use, but because every time I pick it up it feels so smooth and cool to touch.  None of my other brush handles ever feel cool (it's almost cold) to touch - I guess the material used in this just picks up the coolness from the air - but it sure does feel nice :)

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  1. i love the pics Rads..simply superb

  2. I agree with you 100% .Preetha recommended this one and I absolutely love it :-)

  3. I think Preetha reviewed the Nature's Minerals one na...I have that one comes in cute pouch? I didn't get any pouch with this :(

  4. Oh I didn't get a pouch too :( I will check with her, guess even she has both :p

    1. Oh you didn't? Oh she has both, is it? I saw only the Nature's one I assumed that's what you were talking about..haaan ask her na if she got a pouch with both. I know it's a chotu saa thing but it's so cute to store the brush in :D


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