Sep 4, 2012

Paul Mitchell Truth About Curls Campaign: What's Your Curl Confession?

All my life I have had frizz-prone hair, supercurly when I was a kid and growing into some kind of an unruly mop as I grew up.  I tried a lot of things - from going real short (big mistake, don't ask) to buying straighteners and blow-driers and every other straightening product in the market - all to get my hair to look "normal."  Over time, though, mostly because all else failed, I realized that sometimes it's best to let things be.  Now I just give my hair some TLC and love my hair just the way it is.

Paul Mitchell Truth About Curls Confessions Win Free Haircare Products Blog
#curlsconfession:  stock up on woolly hats for the bad hair days :P
Do you have a similar hair-raising story to share - perhaps the one about when you got your curly hair cut into bangs that would never stay straight (yup, been there...done that) or the story about hair color gone bad?  Or do you just have some good advice on how you keep your hair happy?  Head on over to the Paul Mitchell Facebook page that's all about their new Curly Hair products, and share your "Curl Confessions" - go on spill your hair secrets, share a pretty photo, and dish out all that you do to keep your curls happy.  While you are there, you can also find out all about the new Paul Mitchell range for Curly Hair.  If you are Twitter or Instagram, just use #curlsconfession and share your secret.
This post is a part of a series sponsored by the Paul Mitchell Truth About Curls Campaign.