Oct 1, 2012

3 Hair Color Myths Busted!

Do you color your hair often?  I do - mostly to cover up pesky grays that seem to have popped up all over my head - but also because I find it the easiest way to change my mood/look.  When I started with hair color, I had a lot of doubts - still do, but L'Oreal Paris India's newly launched Casting Creme Gloss answers a lot of these for me.

1.  Hair color - best done at home or with a hair stylist?

If I could give myself a great haircut at home, I would do it in a jiffy, so of course, I am going to vote on Yes at home :D  Seriously though, if all you need is an all-over color (instead of something more tricky like highlights) and aren't planning to go too drastic with the color change, coloring your hair yourself at home is the easiest thing to do - and you would get fabulous results too.  Do remember to do a patch test, though, before any hair color (check here for more info).

2.  Does hair color cause hair damage?

Hair colors work by opening up the hair cuticles and entering the hair shaft to color it from within.  This just means you have to take add a little TLC to your hair care routine - pick a hair color that's ammonia-free and with added conditioners that protect hair and give it a healthy shine along with rich color.  Use shampoos meant for color-treated hair (quite inexpensive and easily available) and treat your hair to a deep conditioning mask every once in a while.  And no, coloring your hair is not going to cause hair fall or increase any greys that you already have!

3.  How to pick the right shade of hair color?

While you can be as adventurous as you want to be with hair color, it's best to match your hair color to your skin tone.  If you are fair, try shades like ash, violet, and mahogany.  Yellowish-brown skin tones would do well in the red, copper, and  gold color family.  My go-to shade:  Dark brown!

Thanks to L'Oreal Paris India - Casting Creme Gloss* (available in 11 shades, takes all of 20 minutes, and is ammonia-free ) - it's now easier than ever to Say Yes To Color!  Head on here and get started :D

*Info provided by L'Oreal Paris India.