Oct 19, 2012

3 Things I Didn't Know About the Fountains At Bellagio

The Bellagio Fountains apparently make for one of the best shows in Las Vegas - whether paid or free - and they sure make an impressive sight.  A lot of planning and work goes into each flawless awe-inspiring performance, most of which I only found out when I got back home looked up online.  Three things I never knew about these fountains:

#1.  The lake where the fountain show is held is an 8½-acre body of water and is illuminated at night by about 5,000 lights. The foutains:  798 "minishooters," 208 swaying "oarsmen," 192 "super shooters," and 16 "extreme shooters" capable of gushing nearly 500 feet in the air.  A fog system also helps designers create moods.

Fountains at Bellagio Las Vegas Strip

#2.  Lake maintenance includes staffers and divers to fish out coins and wedding rings and boats to rescue people who decide to take a swim.  Two vacuums on a barge are used to suck up coins that are tossed into the lake for good luck - dried in a cement mixer and donated to Habitat for Humanity.

#3.  Not a single show has been missed due to technical problems - in 13 years!

Source:  USA Today (read complete article here)

Because of the fabulous lightingting used in this show, night-time is when you should ideally catch a display of the fountains, but I managed to catch them earlier on in the evening, and got a small video to share (thanks to Mr. Rads).

Happy Friday everyone :D