Oct 1, 2012

Paul Mitchell Truth About Curls Campaign: Know Your Hair Type!

From supercurly to reasonably straight, my hair has been through every version there is, so for a really long time, when asked what my hair type was, I would just say "Confused."  Actually, though, my hair is wavy with a bit of a curl to it at the ends - definitely not straight!

Here's how you know if you have wavy curls in your hair if:
  • Your hair looks borderline straight on the low-humidity days - in fact, mine looks poker straight in the winters!
  • You step out of the shower, and you have naturally beautiful waves and curls in your hair - yes, I do, and for a brief nanosecond I believe I actually do have great hair :D
  • On humid days, your hair gets a little poofy around the edges.  On most other days it just looks a little messy and frizz-prone with dry ends.
  • Your hair is about 2 to 4 inches longer than it actually looks - it's called a spring factor (I have been doing a lot of reading on this, trust me!)
While I might have just made having wavy-curly hair sound like it's the worst thing that can happen to you, actually it's not so bad.  I have a wash-and-wear layered cut that I don't need to spend a ton of time or money to maintain (need a refresh only every 3-4 months), and air-drying gives me the most natural curls!

Haircare, just like skincare or makeup, needs to be tailored to your hair-type to be most effective.  Paul Mitchell recommends their new Curls range to tame the frizz and get the best out of those bouncy curls:

To learn more about the Paul Mitchell Range for Curly Hair head on over here - share your own #curlsconfession with your photo and see it there!

This post is a part of a series sponsored by the Paul Mitchell Truth About Curls Campaign.