Maybelline The Jewels by Color Sensational Lipstick: Red Garnet - Review/Swatch

Maybelline released The Jewels by Colorsensational lipsticks a while back, but I haven't seen them here in the US so couldn't give them a try.  They do seem to have gotten quite a lot of positive reviews from makeup bloggers, though.  Anyway a couple of days back while chatting with my mom, she let me know - almost as an afterthought - that the folks at Maybelline had sent me "something."  Turns out the something was one of their lipsticks - Red Garnet!  The lipstick looked a scary, dark plum in the tube, and I wasn't really sure about what to do with it - I don't even stay in India to give it a try - but my mom has a fascination for dark lipsticks and was quite enthusiastic about sending me across these photos and a snapshot review to share :D

The packaging of these lipsticks is a bit different from the regular Colorsensational lipsticks I have tried so far - the caps (?) of these have some sort of a swirl design over them - but that apart they are the same in terms of their creamy formulation.

Maybelline The Jewels Colorsensational Lipstick - Red Garnet
Cost - Rs. 350

There is some sort of a plastic protective film over the cover, and my mom hasn't yet bothered to take it off.  I think she just might be planning on keeping that there to keep the cover scratch-free.  And..I get this feeling I am also going to get a lecture on how I should keep things properly myself :P
Maybelline The Jewels by Colorsensational lipstick in Red Garnet would be best described as a deep, dark, brownish plum in the tube.  The formula is, apparently, quite creamy and smooth and feels comfortable on the lips (my mom has the most nonfussy lips, though - never, ever dry - and she doesn't even drink enough water through the day!!).  Probably because of the creamy formula, on swatches and on lips the color sheers down to a beautiful plummy berry shade - still dark - but not scarily so.  It would be a shade that would fit in perfectly for the cooler fall/winter months when dark lips really are the trend.  Here's a swatch, courtesy of course of mom :P

Maybelline The Jewels Colorsensational Lipstick - Red Garnet - Swatch
Because this is a darker color and quite creamy, you can try either of these options while using this color to get beautiful berry lips that stay on without the bother of touch-ups and regular checks in the mirror:
  • Use a lip liner to fill and blot after applying the lipstick, so you get a more even stain on the lips without the risk of lipstick smudging or transferring later.
  • Or you can do what my mom does - apply the lipstick on to the back of your hand and then use a finger or a lip brush to apply the now-slightly-warmed product on to the lips for a softer, easier application.
Overall, because it is so creamy and such a lovely dark berry shade, I think Maybelline's Red Garnet would be a great shade for the winters and for the nights.  It is quite pigmented, you can also wear it sheered down or just lightly dabbed on for more wearable berry lips :)  As for my mom - Thank you, Maybelline - she loves your gift :D

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Jewels lipsticks?  Do share!

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