May 30, 2013

Meet the Dupe: NARS Blush Orgasm And...?

NARS Blush Orgasm Dupes - It Cosmetics Pretty in Peony - Swatches
NARS Orgasm Blush - Dupe
I love reading "dupe posts" on blogs, but it's very rarely that I come across anything that qualifies as a dupe among the products that I have.  As it turns out, though, such things do happen even with me, and I finally came across what I call "my version " of a dupe.  Generally, a dupe would be a makeup brand/product that is quite similar in color/function to a more expensive or hard-to-find brand.  Well, this is sort of similar - the price difference is about $4 and the dupe is harder to find - but read on to know why I call it a dupe.

The Original:  NARS Orgasm bush.
Cost:  $28
Color:  Peachy pink with shimmer.

NARS Orgasm is touted as a universally flattering shade and add to it the hype of the name (don't tell me that doesn't play a part!!), and this is one of the most sought-after blush shades known to man womankind.  I have a mini-sized blush that I got as part of a Sephora points perk ages back, but my joy at getting it was the shortest lived ever.  While this might be a lovely warm peachy pink on lighter skin tones, all I get on my darker skin is a really unflattering gaudy golden sheen.  The peachy-pink powder just disappears into my skin.  I can pack it on to get the color to show through, but there is such an over-abundance of shimmer that I might as well paint my cheeks with golden pink metallic paint and run about town in the middle of the afternoon!!!

NARS Orgasm It Cosmetics Pretty in Peony Makeup Dupes Best Peachy Pink Blush for Indian Darker Skin Swatches Beauty Blog
It Cosmetics Cheek Vitality Flush - Pretty in Peony
NARS blush - Orgasm

The dupe:  It Cosmetics Cheek Vitality Flush in Pretty in Peony.
Color:  Peach pink with fine golden shimmer.
Cost:  $24 (I was provided this by the company for review)

It Cosmetics blush in Pretty in Peony has a little more of pink in it than NARS Orgasm, but it's a similar color with very subtle shimmer to it that blends beautifully into a sheen/glow rather than visible glitter/shimmer.  The blush is insanely pigmented, and it lasts and lasts forever on the skin, almost like a stain.  If you are darker skinned like I am and/or just are on the lookout for a lovely peachy pink blush minus the glitter-bomb effect, this might be oh-so-better than the NARS version.

NARS Orgasm - It Cosmetics Pretty In Peony - Swatches/Comparisons

NARS Orgasm It Cosmetics Pretty in Peony Makeup Dupes Best Peachy Pink Blush for Indian Darker Skin Swatches Beauty Blog
NARS blush - Orgasm - applied heavily
It Cosmetics Cheek Vitality Flush - Pretty in Peony

It Cosmetics is not an easy-to-find brand - check HERE for availability - but if you can get your hands on it, definitely give this blush a try.  The packaging is just like NARS - black, rubbery, sleek, and well made - and the quality of the blush itself is really good!

It Cosmetics blush Pretty in Peony was provided by the company/PR for review.  NARS Orgasm blush was a points perk from Sephora and not the regular/full size product.  Link provided is for information only and is NOT an affiliate link.