May 18, 2013

A Quick Makeup Tip for Indian Summer: Ditch that Black Liner!

My one go-to/must-have lifesaving makeup product would be a good, dark black eyeliner.  I look like a sleepy zombie without a little swipe of it along my waterline.  And that's a problem for me once the heat turns up in the summers.  I know there are a million summer makeup tips out there, and I have read tons of articles on how to stop that black liner from smudging.  Turn out, they don't really work, at least on my eyes!  Sure if it's borderline sunny outside, yes, smudging the line with a shadow might help set it but not in a proper, humid summer like how we have back home in India.  So here's my little summer makeup tip/gyaan:  Ditch that black liner, but you don't have to go nekkid eyed - opt for a brown-bronze eyeliner instead.

Quick Easy Summer Eye Makeup Eyeliner Tip For Indian Summers Beauty Blog
Quick Easy Summer Eye Makeup Eyeliner Tip For Indian Summers Beauty Blog
I have used a brownish-bronze eyeliner along my lower lashline - gives just enough of a darkness to my eyes.
I have also used a black shadow liner along my upper lashline, which I won't recommend for the summers.  I just couldn't find another photo to post :P

A dark brownish-bronze eyeliner is a fabulous color to use along the waterline:  It keeps the eyes from looking too bare, and you won't run the risk looking racoon-eyed even if it starts to smudge as the day wears on.  As a bonus, if you have small eyes, this won't make them look smaller the way a true black liner would.  Look for something that claims to be waterproof/smudge-proof for added insurance.

Oh, and that nifty little tip about using a primer along the lashline - I walked around Vegas blissfully unaware that the primer was forming a dryish patch along my lower lashline (happens when excess product mixes with the moisture I think) until I happened to check myself in a bathroom mirror.  And yes, I was with my husband, and no, he did not notice anything odd about my makeup even when I pointed it out to him :-|


  1. Great Idea Rads :) Now its time to stock up some browns and bronzes

  2. Give me five :D I do this most of the time :D oh I din know about this primer tip thing.. I am always scared to try out new things first time when I am going out.. I know how u must of felt that time **hugs**

    1. Thanksssss :hugs back: sighhhhhhhhhhh don't ask..was bad :P :D :D Hehehehee :D

  3. thank u so much radhika for this valuable post :)


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