May 30, 2013

Makeup/Skincare Tips for Flights

I don't know about you, but I come out of any flight - even short 1 hour ones - looking like I spent the day in some kind of a dehydrating the middle of a desert!  My skin feels and looks so parched, my hands get cold and wrinkly, and my hair gets all super-straight - not in the shiny sleek way, more like a dry, scarecrow sort of way - I look and feel 10 years older, at least.  Like most people (oh well, girls do) I have at least a few product stowed in my bag to combat the drying effect of the recycled cabin air on flights, and I have listed mine in an earlier what-to-carry-on-flights post, but I have added in a few extra things to me skincare/face-repair routine for flights, so here's a peek at what's new :P

Makeup Skincare Ideas - Prevent Dryness - Air Travel Flights - Beauty Blog
In-Flight Skincare Must-Haves 1. Bioderma cleanser
2.  Olay Mild Makeup Remover Cloths
3.  Shiseido Cotton
  Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask
5.  Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask to Quench Skin's Thirst.

6.  Josie Maran Argan Oil
  Nivea Caramel Cream Kiss Lip Butter

1.  Wipe off face with a makeup remover wipe or micellar water - any cleanser that doesn't require rinsing off.  Follow with a rich moisturizer for the face or indulge in some skincare mask.  An overnight/intensive mositurizing mask like the Clinique's Moisture Surge Overnight mask or Origins Drink it Up (better for drier skins) would be perfect to keep the skin from getting dehydrated.  They go on clear so nobody would find it odd.

2.  Use a generous amount of a thick lip balm for the lips and a cuticle cream/hand cream for the hands.  I like the Nivea Caramel Cream Kiss lip balm which has shea butter in it and also works great as a cuticle cream.  L'occitane Pure Shea butter is another good option, and it comes in a convenient-to-carry small tin.

3.  I always pick the aisle seat - I like to walk around during long-haul flights - but if you do sit near the window it's recommended to use a sunscreen to avoid UV damage from the harsher rays at higher altitudes.  Or just keep the window shades lowered :P

4.  This is a tip I read in an interview with Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi.  She recommended running a tiny bit of oil through the hair and tying it up into a bun or a plait to keep it from getting all frizzy and scarecrow-ish.  Something like Josie Maran Argan oil or Ojon Damage Reverse Instant Restorative Hair Serum would work great.

5.  Drink a lot of water/juices (and that's another reason why I prefer the aisle seat - frequent trips to you know where :P).  Tempting as they might seem, I try to avoid coffee and salted snacks.

Makeup Skincare Ideas - Prevent Dryness - Air Travel Flights - Beauty Blog
Makeup Must-Haves for Quick In-Flight Touch-ups
1.  MUFE Powder Foundation (Sephora sampler)
2.  Lush Dream Cream moisturizer put into a travel-size tub.
3.  Bobbi Brown BB Cream - sampler from Sephora
4.  Fresh Sugar Berry Tinted Lip Balm
5.  Diorshow Mascara in Black
6.  Perfume samplers

About an hour or two before landing, I do a quick clean-up, again with the no-rinse-needed wipes/cleanser or water, and dab some tinted moisturizer or a BB cream, a swipe of mascara, and a tinted lip balm.  Spritz on some perfume, and I am ready to face the world looking almost human :P

Do check out Lisa Eldridge's on skincare during long-haul flights.  It's one of my favorites and changed even my day-to-day skincare routine!


  1. I am scared now , the last time you posted this type of post you were flying to US , if am not wrong it is during this time only ... 11th june or so , heyyyyy i have not clicked the link to see if am right or wrong ... i am just making a wild guess :D
    you pls stay there only reee
    or better CANADA :)

    nice list rads , I would add a BRIGHTTTTTTT pink or orange lipstick coz thats is the one i see the girls wearing in flight ( attendents i mean) so to match their freshness I alwayssss wear or try to wear bright colors :D and make sure to ask some if the color is taking all the attention ( hannnnn attendents ke lip color yaar ) , no harm na ?

    i dont know when but glad you added "READ MORE" i can see 4 post on one page ... recently did kya ?

    1. no I wasn't flying anywhere that time!!!! :D

      Ya a bright lipstick is a nice idea..and ya I added today only the read more thing :P

  2. cool :D then m correct ... it is new - read more

    anddddddddddddddd where on earth you bougth this bioderma ?
    france gaye the kyaaa ? champs elyesee

    bolna maat USA mein milta hai easily :P
    am gonna get it if that so

    1. France?!!!!!!!!!!! Amazon, the website not the river :P

  3. Long flight ?? You coming to B'lore?????

    You plan your trips so well :D I am jealous Rads, I want to do all this but having 2 kids in the family [hubby n Neya] I have to take care of their packing as well !!! So I will usually be packing till the last min :(

    1. No this was just a random post!!! I should have probably clarified that right at the start of the post!!!!

      Err..but don't you have to pack your essentials in a bag anyway if you have to carry it with you? It's not like it's a luxury won't be allowed to carry it any other way..

  4. Wish I could get my hands on even half of these things :-D

    1. There isn't anything special about these specific things - you can always substitute with any other similar product - your regular moisturizer, makeup wipes, tinted lip balm, BB cream - most of it you would probably just find in your daytime bag anyway :D


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