Jul 5, 2013

Hugo Naturals Shea Body Butter - White Tea and Lemon

Pure Shea Butter and Jojoba oil combine in our richest, most deeply moisturizing body balm. Our luxurious Body Butter treats, nourishes and protects even the driest complexion.

Hugo Debra Naturals Shea Body Butter - White Tea Lemon - Review

The beauty/skincare section at Whole Foods is one of my favorite sections, and I love browsing through all the fabulous, not-so-known (at least to me) brands that I find there.   I picked up the Hugo & Debra Naturals Body Butter in Lemon and White Tea during just one such browsing session.  It's a 100% natural gluten-free and vegan product and lists shea butter right up on top of the very short ingredient list.  Needless to say, for someone with dry skin like mine, that is enough reasons to add this to the shopping basket!

Hugo Debra Naturals Shea Body Butter White Tea Lemon Dry Skincare Ingredients Review Makeup Beauty Blog

The Hugo Naturals Shea Body Butter is a pale pink lemon-scented balm-like product, and the variety I picked up has a citrusy-lemon fragrance to it.  The consistency of this is quite thick and almost hard, sort of like how pure shea butter would be, and not really soft and creamy like how most other body butters I have tried have been.  It can be scooped out with a bit of pressure with the fingers, but it would be easier to use a plastic spatula (I used fingers).  Shea butter melts easily into the skin on contact, but it does need to be massaged into the skin a bit to help it absorb completely.  It leaves skin moisturized and gives a healthy glow to the skin.  If you have dry skin, this shea butter rich body butter is definitely a must-try.  It does need a little effort to work into the skin, but it's absolutely worth it!

Hugo Naturals Shea Body Butter - Ingredients

Hugo Debra Naturals Shea Body Butter White Tea Lemon Dry Skincare Ingredients Review Makeup Beauty Blog


  1. I have combi-skin, I'll give a skip.. but this product sounds great,, :)

  2. wow. i'd buy just to keep this on the table looking all pretty!!!
    you have such pretty shtuff Rads!

    1. Haa..go to WholeFoods..they have such prettty packaging! Hugo Naturals has salt scrubs that are kept in big steel buckets - I want to buy those next :D


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