Sep 21, 2013

5 Fabulous Orange Lipsticks By MAC

5 Fabulous Orange Lipsticks By MAC - Swatches - Lady Daner - Saigon Summer - So Chaud - Morange - Korean Candy

Some makeup trends stay around forever, and then there are some that pop every year - renamed and polished - but the same nevertheless.  One such trend is the "pop of orange" or "tangerine lipsticks" or any other fancy name for a bright orange lipstick that turns up on fashion shows and trickles down to makeup every summer.  I love how the color looks on all the pretty models, but somehow I have never really found an orange that works for me.  While I am still looking, here are 5 fabulous orange-ish lipsticks from MAC.

5 Fabulous Best Must-Have Orange Lipsticks By MAC Indian Darker Skin Beauty Makeup Blog Swatches Lady Daner Saigon Summer So Chaud Morange Korean Candy
MAC Lipsticks - Swatches
Lady Danger - Vivid bright coral-red (matte)
Saigon Summer - Frosted bright orange
So Chaud - Intense reddish-orange (matte)
Morange - Loudmouth orange
Korean Candy (Sheen Supreme Lipstick) - Bright orange-red

Do you have a favorite orange (or orange-ish) lipstick?  Do share!

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  1. I'm so digging the lady danger lipstick ...all 5 are wow BTW. Nice compilation

  2. I don't, and it's not going to happen! My skin is kind of orange already haha. The closest I come is a pink coral, and then I'm living on the edge ;).

  3. You like wearing orange Rads? I am so loving korean candy here but I would wear it one day [hoping !!]


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