Nov 16, 2013

5 Reasons to Love Chia

Chia Seeds - Superfoods - Health Nutrition Benefits

The idea of superfoods has always fascinated me.  Most of these ingredients promise huge health benefits without having to drastically alter existing dietary habits.  A while back, I read a couple of books by Dr. Perricone (yes, same person who started the skincare range) and was obsessed with flaxseeds.  Partly because I couldn't quite figure out whether phytoestrogens were good or bad and also because using flax seeds involved a bit of extra work, I lost interest pretty soon.  Of late, though, I have been really curious about the much-talked about chia seed.  I was more familiar with it because of the Chia pets - I don't think those seeds are edible - but now these tiny black seeds are also quite common in a lot of healthfood stores.  Here's 5 reasons why chia seeds would probably be my next superfood obsession:
  • Chia seeds have a high omega-3 fatty acid content, and since I am a vegetarian, I would definitely pick these over sardines and salmon.
  • These tiny seeds have a reasonably high fiber content, and when added into the diet these may help with weight loss by making you feel full sooner.
  • When added to foods, chia seeds are believed to help with a more controlled release of sugar into the body.  This is great because sudden increases in sugar levels are one of the major contributing factors to inflammation and aging.  In my case, that's a good precaution to take because diabetes is quite common in my family :(
  • Unlike flax seeds, chia seeds have a longer shelf life and can be stored at room temperature without getting rancid.  My local Whole Foods carries this in the bulk section, so I can always buy small quantities too.
  • They are also much easier to use than flax seeds (which need to ground right before use for best health benefits).  Chia seeds can be eaten as it is and the easiest way is to sprinkle them over yogurt or mix into juices.  An easy recipe HERE.
Chia Seeds Superfoods Health Nutrition Benefits Indian Beauty Makeup Blog
Chia seeds at my local Whole Foods - Nutrition Information

I haven't tried these seeds yet, but considering they seem so easy to use and are supposedly practically tasteless, I just might hop on the chia seed wagon - will update after I try it out for a while :D

Chia seeds - nutrition and benefit info sources - here and here.  Please consult your physician/nutritionist before adding chia seeds to your diet.  This article is not qualified professional/medical advice.


  1. They are daily for me too. Add to my breakfast smoothies before rushing out the door. Sorry it may seem like I m stalking your blog..but its been a long time since some thing relatable

    1. Haaa....noooooooooooooooooooo! Thank you so much for leaving the comments!

      Do you know Suja? The juice brand? So I have been trying their smoothies for some time's called Elements (they also have a juice only range which is good too) and that has Chia, acai, and something somethign all added into it...I have a pretty lame blender that barely dents a mushy making my own smoothies is not really an option now. Besides, to be honest, I just like the convenience of prepackaged things..not perfect but at least I will drink it. Making and drinking won't happen with my laziness.


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