Nov 10, 2013

Hakuhodo J5523 Makeup Brush

Hakuhodo J5523 Eyeshadow Makeup Blending Brush - Photos Review
Hakuhodo Makeup Brush (available HERE) - $18

Hakuhodo is a Japanese brush manufacturing brand that reportely makes brushes for quite a few well-known makeup brands, but they also have their own range of makeup brushes that can be bought online from the Hakuhodo website.  While they do make some very expensive brushes, the J5523 is one of the more affordable brushes from this brand.  The brush has a black wooden handle and nickel-plated brass ferrule that crimps towards the end where the brush hair are held.  The hair used is uncut goat hair, and the brush can be used to apply liquid, cream, and powder products.  Dimensions of the brush (as provided on the website):  Full Length: 151.0 mm, hair length 16.0 mm, and thickness 4.5 mm

Hakuhodo J5523 Eyeshadow Makeup Blending White Goat Hair Brush Indian Beauty Blog Reviews Photos How to Use

The Hakuhodo J5523 is definitely one of my favorite makeup brushes and also one of the softest I have used so far.  The brush head has a flattened oval shape but is more rounded along the edges.  This makes it perfect for applying eyeshadow on the lids and then using the softer edge to blend the color.  Because the soft goat hair brush can be used with liquid and cream products, I also use this occasionally to blend concealer along my undereye area.  I have washed this brush quite a few times, and it washes clean quite easily and has retained it shape so far (the brush does fluff up every so slightly with the first wash but stays the same after that).  I haven't had any hair shedding issues with it either.

At $18, the Hakuhodo J5523 is priced lower than similarly shaped brushes from other brands (MAC 217, for instance), and from what I have read online, it is also the better brush in terms of quality.  Definitely a must-have!


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  1. I love this brush and it has been my go to eyeshadow application brush for over 3 years - and I have 5 of them in my collection and I am planning on buying a few more.

    Thanks for the review.


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