Nov 4, 2013

3 Tips to Find a Good Makeup Brush

For the longest time, the only makeup brushes I had were the teeny ones from the TBS travel brush kit, and that was quite enough for me then - I didn't even have a blush!  I certainly have picked up a few more brushes after that, and I have definitely seen a difference in makeup application with better brushes.  It's not necessary to own a ton of brushes, though, or buy crazy expensive brushes.  A few simple rules will help you pick up the right one for you - on any budget.

3 Tips to Buy Good Makeup Brushes on any Budget

1. Know what you are looking for.  This might seem obvious, but well, sometimes we/I tend to overlook the obvious :P  For instance, if you are looking for an eyeshadow brush, decide if you want something to handle the blending or if you are looking for a multitasker to lay down shadow as well as blend around the edges.  Once you know what you are looking for, figure out the best shape that works for how you apply eyeshadows, and that should narrow down the field quite a bit.

How to Find Buy Good Cheap Makeup Brushes Indian Beauty Blog
Brushes shown:  TBS eyeshadow brush (flat brush)
NARS #13 large dome shadow brush
Hakuhodo J5523

2.  Quality versus price:  Generally, I do find that most of my more expensive brushes do a better job at applying makeup than cheaper/drugstore options.  It is possible, though, to get reasonably good makeup brushes on even a more frugal budget (and not all expensive brushes are all that great).  A good way to check for quality - at any price - is to check if the bristles feel soft enough to use on your skin.  Also, check for loose/shedding hair by running your fingers through the brush.  Another good way to ensure less shedding is to look for a brush with a metal ferrule that's crimped where the bristles enter it - tends to keeps the bristles more secure.  This last thing isn't essential, though, and I do have some good makeup brushes don't have crimped ferrules.

How to Find Buy Good Cheap Makeup Brushes Indian Beauty Blog

3.  Natural bristles versus synthetic bristles:   Natural hair brushes, made with squirrel, goat, sable, etc., hair, are generally quite soft, especially if they use uncut hair that's bundled together to the perfect shape.  Of course, all that care and softness also means a heftier price tag.  Synthetic brushes are more wallet-friendly - most times - and use cruelty-free synthetic bristles that are quite soft and for the most part perform quite well too.  Synthetic brushes are also good for people with sensitive skins.  Another factor to help decide between synthetic and natural bristles is that synthetics generally work better with cream products such as gel liners, concealers, etc.

How to Find Buy Choose Good Cheap Makeup Brushes Natural Hair Synthetic Cruelty Free Fibers Indian Beauty Blog
Brushes shown (starting fro top) - It Cosmetics Cheek Brush
It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe foundation brush
NARS Yachiyo
MAC 187
Hakuhodo Large Pointed Yachiyo
Chanel retractable kabuki

The most important thing, for me at least, is that the brush should be comfortable to use.  The handle should be easy to hold and use, and the bristles shouldn't feel rough on my skin.  Brands like Ecotools and TBS make some pretty good, inexpensive brushes that last a long time.  Just make sure you wash the brushes carefully (don't let the water get to the roots of the bristles) and don't use them too roughly.

What do you look for when you are out makeup brush shopping?

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  1. Do you actually own so many brushes?
    For a newbie like me, could you help select the 1st buys of brushes (definitely only cruelty free)

    1. Hi Prachi..I do have a lot of brushes, though not as much as a lot of other bloggers have :D Hmm...I am not sure what brushes you are looking for - eyeshadows, face brushes, etc., but the best cruelty-free brushes would be Real Techniques. There are some good RT sets which would cover most of the essential brushes and are very economical too.


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