Nov 9, 2013

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (Part I)

MAC Eyeshadow Swatches
MAC Eyeshadows

I have been wanting to try some MAC eyeshadows for a while now, but because MAC has such a huge number of eyeshadows, most of which I am not familiar with, I thought of starting off with some swatches first to get an idea about how the colors look on my skintone.  I got these swatches at Nordstrom, and no I didn't buy all these eyeshadows - they are just swatches from the counter - but I am sharing them here so hopefully it would help someone with a similar skin color.  To avoid making the post too pic-heavy, I will be breaking up the swatches into separate posts in no particular order, but the swatches I have here are mostly neutral colors.

MAC Eyeshadow swatches darker Indian skin tone nc45 must have best neutral makeup beauty blog coquette charcoal brown copperplate nehru scene corduroy
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (L to R)
Coquette - Muted greyish taupe (satin)
Charcoal Brown - Muted taupe brown (matte)
Copperplate - Muted mid-tone grey (matte2)
Nehru - Muted bluish black (matte)
Scene - Muted blue grey (satin)
Corduroy - Muted redish brown (matte)
MAC Eyeshadow swatches darker Indian skin tone nc45 must have best neutral makeup beauty blog espresso satin taupe antiqued handwritten twinks folie
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (L to R)
Espresso - Muted golden brown (matte)
Satin Taupe - Taupe with silver shimmer
Antiqued - Ash brown with bronze (veluxe pearl)
Handwritten - Rich chocolate brown (matte2)
Twinks - Deep plum with pearl (veluxe pearl)
Folie - Reddish plum brown (satin)
MAC Eyeshadow swatches darker Indian skin tone nc45 must have best neutral makeup beauty blog honesty mythology honey lust amberlights goldmine
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (L to R)
Honesty - Pewtered bronze (lustre)
Mythology - Copper (lustre)
Honey Lust - Bronze dipped peach (lustre)
Amber Lights - Peachy brown with shimmer (frost)
Goldmine - Intense gold with shimmer (frost)
MAC Eyeshadow swatches darker Indian skin tone nc45 must have best neutral makeup beauty blog mulch brown down swiss chocolate brun tempting bronze
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (L to R)
Mulch - Rich red with bronze pearl (velvet)
Brown Down
Swiss Chocolate - Muted reddish brown (matte) - REVIEW HERE
Brun - Muted blackis brown (satin)
Tempting - Sinfully rich coco (lustre)
Bronze - Gold brown with gold-bronze shimmer (frost)
MAC Eyeshadows Swatches Darker Indian Skin NC45 Must Have Best Neutral Makeup Beauty Blog Pradisco Expensive Pink Da Bling All That Glitters Cranberry Sable
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (L to R)
Paradisco - Bright pinky coral with pearl (frost)
Expensive Pink - Pink with duochrome (veluxe pearl)
Da Bling - Pink with gold peark (veluxe pearl)
All That Glitters - Beige with gold pearl (veluxe pearl)
Cranberry - Red-plum with pink shimmer (frost)
Sable - Gold-plum with bronze pearl (velvet)
MAC Eyeshadow swatches darker Indian skin tone nc45 must have best neutral makeup beauty blog Woodwinked Mystery Brown Script Cork Arena Soba
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (L to R)
Woodwinked - Warm antique gold (veluxe pearl)
Mystery - Muted plum brown (satin)
Brown Script - Warm chestnut brown (matte2)
Cork - Muted golden brown
Arena - Soft gold peach with pearl (satin)
Soba - Gold brown with gold shimmer (satin) - REVIEW HERE
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches NW40 NC45 Blacktied Typographic Nehru Silver Ring Electra Knight Divine
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (L to R)
Blacktied - Black with silver sparkle (velvet)
Typographic - Asphalt black (matte2)
Nehru - Muted bluish black (matte)
Silver Ring - Grey with silver sheen (veluxe pearl)
Electra - Silver with icy shimmer (frost)
Knight Divine - Black with silver pearl (veluxe pearl) 
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches - Forgery Gesso Crystal Avalanche Filament Mylar - Darker Indian NW40 NC45 Skin tone
MAC Eyeshadow Swatches (L to R)
Forgery - Sterlling silver (lustre)
Gesso - Vivid white (matte)
Crystal Avalanche - White with reflects (veluxe pearl)
Crystal - Violet duochrome with pearl (Frost)
Filament - Platinum silver (lustre)
Mylar - Creamy white with shimmer (satin)

A note on the MAC eyeshadow finishes (from the Nordstrom website)
Frost:  An iridescent shine that adds a highlight to any colour.
Lustre:  Smoothly pearlized; intensely frosted with deluxe ultra-fine 'conditioned' finish.
Matte:  Hi-colour pay-off in a no-shine matte finish.
Matte²: Intense, opaque matte finish with exceptionally rich colour payoff.
Satin:  Pure colour in a satin-style finish. Provides a soft, subtle, non-frost, light-refractive sheen.
Veluxe:  Superfine pigment rich and very luxe. Supple to apply. Provides silky smooth matte finish.
Veluxe Pearl:  Vibrantly toned. Velvety soft. Shimmeringly metallic. Veluxe eye shadow, now overlaid with high-shine pearl.
Velvet:  Soft-look finish with high-color intensity. Has a plush, velvety look and feel.

I don't use MAC bases, so I couldn't tell for sure what my MAC color would be, but back home in India I was told I would fall somewhere in the NC45 range (probably lighter now).  UPDATE:  Got myself matched at the MAC store, and apparently I am an NW40!

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  1. Woodwincked and Sable are my all time favorites :D

  2. What a great idea! I'm interested to see which ones you end up picking in the end :).

    1. I think my picks might be just too boring for most people..I liked Mulch, Brownscript, Cork...most of the matte/satin browns, really...:D And Sketch..I want Sketch :D

  3. Great post!!! I'm a similar shade to you and its great to see how the colours look on our skin.

  4. Hi, can i ask which mac foundation's shade are you?

    1. Hi Rosy! I don't use MAC foundations...never found a satisfactory match and I don't feel comfortable asking for samples. I did try getting a shade match a couple of times and I am guessing I would be fall in the NC45/NW40 category. I know thats two different undertones, but different SAs seem to come up with different shades, and its all store lighting anyway. Sorry I couldnt be of more help!


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