Nov 7, 2013

Today's Makeup and An Easy How-To: Soft Berry Eyes and A Dark Lip

Soft Berry Eyeshadows Makeup Dark Lips Makeup Tutorial

Not sure if it's the weather getting colder every day or all those fallen leaves, but of late, I find myself reaching for darker (than my normal) makeup colors.  It's still quite bright and sunny outside, though, and a vampy lip or a smokey eye seems quite out of place.  A softer plum eye and a deeper tinted lip color helps bridge the gap just right for me.  Among the products I have used, MAC Fluidline in Dark Diversion is well past it's toss-away date, and I really don't know a close enough dupe for this.  Any suggestions would be awesome!  As for the makeup, here's what I used and also an easy how-to:

Soft Berry Eyeshadows Makeup Dark Lips Fall Winter Days Makeup Tutorial Easy Steps How To Indian Beauty Blog
Products used on the eyes
Tarte Clean Slate Eye Primer
Chanel Seduction eyeshadow quad (peach shade and the darker berry shade)
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline
Maybelline Mascara.
How to:  1.  Apply a primer over the eyelids to help the eyeshadows stick on to the lids better and help the color show up better.  I have darker eyelids, and I leave that as it is, but if you want to even out the skin tone a bit you can use a foundation or a concealer over the lids before applying the primer.
2.  Apply a light peachy beige shade all over the lids with a flat eyeshadow brush (I have used Chanel #25).
3.  Apply a deeper berry shade along the outer corner of the eye, keeping the color concentrated along the outer thirds of upper lashline and a bit into the crease.  Blend the color softly using a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush (I have used the NARS #15 large dome brush).

Soft Berry Eyeshadows Makeup Dark Lips Makeup Tutorial Fall Winter Days Easy Steps How To Indian Beauty Blog

4.  Apply a thin line of a deep burgundy/berry eyeliner along the the upper lashline, keeping the line as thin as possible along the inner corner and thickening it just a little along the outer corner (have used MAC Dark Diversion).
5.  Using a small smudging/blending brush (have used Chanel #14 contour shadow brush) and some of the dark berry shade used earlier, smudge the liner softly - the line should still be visible but much softer and not so defined.
6.  Using whatever is remaining on the smudger brush, run some of the darker color along the outer thirds of the lower lashline.  Also use the same dark eyeliner along the waterline.  Curl lashes and finish with mascara.

The eyeshadows I used had a bit of shimmer in them which caused some fallout apart from some more flying around while smudging, and I didn't bother with applying concealer until after my eye makeup was done.  Clean up the undereye area with makeup wipes or makeup remover, and finish the rest of the makeup.  Here's what I used.

Soft Berry Eyeshadows Makeup Dark Lips Makeup Tutorial Fall Winter Days Easy Steps How To Indian Beauty Blog
Products Used:  Foundation - Chanel Perfection Lumiere mixed with NARS Tinted Moisturizer,
buffed into the skin using It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe foundation brush.*
Concealers - Bobbi Brown Dark Peach Corrector along inner corner of the eye area.
NARS Biscuit and Caramel* stick concealers to conceal undereye darkness and some blemishes.
Also used CoverFx concealer on blemishes (sample - not shown in pic)
Brows - em Brow Pencil*
Cheeks - Josie Maran Cheek Gelee in Berry Bliss* (applied with MAC 187) and Benefit High Beam to highlight 
Rimmel Stay Matte Powder along center of face, applied with the It Cosmetics Cheek brush*
On lips, I used No.7 lipliner in Plum to lightly define lips and patted on MAC Hangup lipstick with my fingers like a tint.
Soft Berry Eyeshadows Makeup Dark Lips Makeup Tutorial Fall Winter Days - Benefit High Beam Josie Maran Berry Bliss Mac Hangup Dark Diversion Fluidline Chanel Seduction eyeshadow indian beauty blog
Swatches of some of the makeup used (L to R)
Benefit High Beam - it's a pale pink highlighter that blends into the skin like a dream.
Josie Maran Berry Bliss Cheek Gelee - gel-like cream blush, leaves a berry flush that can be built up quite easily.
MAC Hang-up - deep berry color that I used sort of like a stain
No. 7 Lipliner in Plum - a brighter plum-based pink
MAC Dark Diversion Fluidline - dark brownish burgundy (and also quite dried out :P)
Chanel Seduction eyeshadow quad - used a darker berry and a peach shade
And this is me all done :D  I bought this dark lipstick - MAC Hang-up - a long, long while back but never felt comfortable using it.  The trick I figured is to use it ever so lightly patted on with fingers to give a sheerer wash of color and let some of the lip texture show through - makes it a lot more wearable than a vampy dark lip, imo.  And concealing most of the blemishes helps too :)

Soft Berry Eyeshadows Makeup Dark Lips Makeup Tutorial for Fall Winter Days Easy Steps How To Indian Beauty Blog

What's been your go-to makeup look this week?  Do share!

*products provided by PR

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  1. this lipcolor is so dark but u applied it briliantly radhika...too good makeup ...five stars for this wearable look :)

  2. Gorgeous look!..loving the lips..

  3. You are looking Pretty Rads...

  4. Hey do you use Chanel Perfection Lumiere in BA34 now? I remember reading a review where you mentioned you used BA54 and I went out and bought it because we look like pretty much the same color :) Do you find that BA34 a better match?

    1. Hi Sarah! Yes, I did switch to 34 recently. I am not sure if it's the right match for my skin tone...seems like the undertone is a bit wrong..but it works okay in photos and I got a bottle so am sticking with it for now :P I have gone a bit lighter and a lot of my blemishes have cleared out (I still have quite few, but it is better), and BA54 was making me look very dark now which is why I have been trying out a lot of other foundation samplers, but not found one I am satisfied with so far. I tried BA44...looked too dark...then tried this one in store and it seemed perfectishhhh but back home and in daylight it seems a little dark. I am also planning to get a sampler of B40 some time and see how that works. For regular days (no photos), I just use Urban Decay Beauty Balm (zero coverage but gives a softer look to the skin) and use concealer on the blemishes.

      Long comment..but that's my foundation quest so far :D :D Among the foundations samples I tried so far, I didn't like anything as much as the Chanel Perfection Lumiere, though...the rest just didn't seem to blend into my skin the same..

    2. I know what you mean - that foundation is ...well...perfection! I used to use Beige60 which was spot on before they upped the sunscreen and changed the formula late last year---that's when I tried out BA54. I still have a sample of Beige 60 which I hold on to for dear life - not sure why!

    3. Haaa..I keep all the teeny sampler tubs safe too! :D I know they don't match my skin tone..but never know, just when I throw one out I will find some use for it..I am pretty sure :D

  5. oh wow!
    you look simply stunning. Chanel Seduction gives me the worst of rabbit eyes but after seeing your look, I see it is meant to be yours not mine :-)

    1. Rabbit eyes!!! :D :D Lining with a darker eyeliner might for me with a lot of the pink/pastel sort of colors.

  6. Plums and Khakis suit you a lot Rads.. Or might be you are making them look so pretty on you .. :)


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