Jan 5, 2014

MAC Huggable Lipcolour - Swatches

When it comes to gorgeous lips, don't compromise shine for colour. You can have it all in a new formula inspired by Asian trends, hugging your lips in 12 hues that stay bright and luminous for up to six hours. Featuring an array of creamy emollients, Huggable Lipcolour provides a lasting, glossy finish that leaves lips smooth and sculpted.

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Lipsticks - Swatches
MAC Huggable Lipcolour - Lipsticks ($20)

MAC Huggable Lipcolour/Lipsticks - Swatches
Red Necessity, Fresh & Frisky, Feeling Amorous?, Rusty, What a Feeling!, Out for Passion

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Lipsticks Swatches Red Necessity Fresh Frisky Feeling Amorous Rusty What a Feeling Out for Passion
MAC Huggable Lipcolour - Swatches
Red Necessity - Deep Warm Wine Cream
Fresh & Frisky - Soft neutral peach cream
Feeling Amorous? - Midtonal fucshia cream
What a Feeling! - Midtonal cool pink cream
Out for Passion - Soft warm rose cream

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Lipsticks - Swatches 
Commotion, Love Beam, Fashion Force, Cherry Glaze, Rich Marron, Touche

MAC Huggable Lipcolour Lipsticks Swatches Commotion Love Beam Fashion Force Cherry Glaze Rich Marron Touche
MAC Huggable Lipcolour - Swatches
Commotion - Deep cool plum cream
Love Beam - Midtonal warm pink cream
Fashion Force - Cool coral cream
Cherry Glaze - Orange red cream
Rich Marron - Midtonal nude cream
Touche - Light beige cream

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  1. Wowwww.. These are so much my kind of lipsticks.. Waiting for their launch here :D


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