Feb 27, 2014

NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches

NARS Cosmetics introduces the NARSissist Eye Palette, named for and inspired by the brand’s devoted fans and cult followers, this inaugural palette will set the stage for future NARSissist products to come.  The limited-edition palette features 15 of the NARSissist community’s most beloved and inspiring shades in one compact, ready-to-wear every day, every way. Wear one shade on its own for captivating color or play with the possibilities by layering different shades for an unlimited range of effects.

NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette - Swatches
NARSissist Eye Palette ($79) 
Image source: narscosmetics.com/PR

I finally got a chance to check the much-awaited (at least by the NARS crazy lot...okay, meeeee) NARSissist eye palette at my local Sephora last weekend.  The 15 shades included in the palette cover a range of neutrals and dark shadows, and at $79, this definitely is a lot more wallet-friendly than picking up the colors as individual duos or singles (NARS single eyeshadows cost $25 each and duos $35).  Anywho, here's a look at the colors on my darker Indian skin tone.

NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Swatches All About Eve Madrague Fez Bali Coconut Grove Indian Darker Skin Beauty makeup Blog
NARSissist Eye Palette - Swatches (top row)
All About Eve (left) - Flesh-toned neutral
Madrague (right side of duo) - Matte caramel
Fez - Velvety cocoa
 Bali - Neutral taupe
Coconut Grove - Deep brown
Madrague (left side of duo) - Matte cream - first shadow, middle row of palette
NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Swatches Nepal Ashes to Ashes Brousse Mekong Bellissima Indian darker skin beauty makeup blog
NARSissist Eye Palette - Swatches (middle row)
Nepal - Soft, sheer rose
Ashes to Ashes - Shimmery violet-based brown
Brousse (left side of duo) - Sable
Mekong - Espresso with shimmer (shimmer doesn't really show up that well in swatches, though)
Bellissima (left side of duo) - Shimmering beige with subtle glitter - first shade, bottom row
NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette Swatches Bellissima Lhasa Bad Behavior Dogon Pandora Indian darker skin makeup beauty blog
NARSissist Eye Palette - Swatches (bottom row)
Bellissima (left side of duo) - Shimmering beige with subtle glitter
Lhasa - Lavender grey
Bad Behavior - Deep pewter
Dogon (right side of duo) - Charcoal black
Pandora (right side of duo) - Matte black

I have quite a few of the colors with me already - either as part of other palettes or on their own as singles and/or duos - so I really couldn't justify picking up this palette.  That said, I do think the colors included are the sort that would look great on most skin tones.  If you are new to NARS and/or are looking for a compact, easy-to-travel-with eyeshadow palette that would cover most of your eye makeup needs, then the NARSissist Eye Palette would be a perfect pick.  If you already have a ton of shadows from NARS (or just have similar colors), then this might not seem too exciting.

As for how the shadows in the palette compare to the original versions:  Keeping in mind the fact that the singles and duos that I have at home are either brand new or gently used and the palette I swatched was a tester that had been left open to air for ages and touched by goodness knows how many fingers/sponges/brushes, I would have to say the quality is very similar (individual shadows might be just a tiny bit better).

My least-liked shades from this palette:  Madrague, Bellissima.  Favorite would definitely be Fez!


  1. I've been catching up on your blog after a long time. Love the swatches! Did you try out the Naked 3 yet?

    1. Hi Vidhya! :) I did check the palette in store and got some swatches, but I didn't buy it...I have similar colors - though not in 1 palette - and I only liked about half the colors in there. The others were too shimmery or not great on my skin tone... Though I know a lot of people like the UD Nakeds - guess just not for me :P

    2. I agree. I'm similar to your skin tone and I felt like half the palette was almost my own skin shade. But the rest of them are SO good :D

    3. I knowwww!!!! :D They should let us just pick up the squares we want and leave the rest of the palette there itself :P

  2. I also own all the shades as singles or duos, but I bought this to be able to take em all away with me and because I just cannot resist a Nars eyeshadow palette LOL. Madrague duo is my most used ever, but I agree that those colours are poorly pgmented in the palette. I also think that Mekong in the palette is not very good at all, certainly compared to the single. But other than that it's been perfect when I've taken it away with me on a couple of weekends. When I'm home, though, I haul out my singles and duos...

    1. It is perfect for carrying around, isn't it?!! I have been soooooooooooooo tempted to buy this, and your comment really isn't helping...but I have a long list of duos and a few singles to pick up so hopefully I will be able to stay strong and not buy this one :P :P :D

    2. BTW..do you like Mekong? I have been adding and removing it from the shopping basket for ages now - I feel I should just shut up and buy it just so I stop playing around with it every time at a NARS counter :| Is just that I read sooo many reviews with people saying the shimmer isn't seen and it's good for liner etc..but I don't want it as a liner..I have Coconut Grove for that..I want it to use it on it's own all over the lid as a dark smokey eye..I love love love the color, but most ppl say the color won't show up the same on the eyes..:( What do you think?

    3. The shimmer actually does show up on the lid, only not as intensely as in the pan. It's not just a liner shade, definitely! It shows up even better over primer, and I keep meaning to try it over a black base (I have that fat Nars eyeshadow pencil that Temptalia dissed so horrifically...it makes a great shadow base for intense smokey eyes LOL). If you google around you see intense looks with Mekong that are really lovely. I say get it ;).

    4. Ya that's what I thought too - over a dark base it should definitely show up :D Thanks! I will ..almost 99.9% sure..buy it anyway, but I just had to ask :D

      I have checked tons of makeup tutorials and looks, and that's why I was so confused because I realllly love that dark shadow look, and then people write things like use it as crease color and liner and I am like noooooooooooooooooooo!!! Not saying it can't be used that way - to each his/her own - is just not what I have in mind for it :P

    5. And nothing lasts on my lids without a primer, so I would definitely have to use one anyway.

  3. Is it just me, or the lighter colors seem not to be as pigmented as the darker colors? I haven't try NARS yet, but maybe some day

    1. Sort of...some of the lighter shades like Nepal and Ondine - that's just the color. It is pretty close to my darker skin tone. Madrague and Bellissima did seem drier/less pigmented than the other colors. Overall, though, from what I have tried of other NARS palettes, colors show up beautifully on the lids even if some of them don't swatch that great on the hand.

      NARS has some lovely single eyeshadows..basic browns that you can get a lot of use of for everyday looks..you should try those out :)

  4. WOW! Though I do not use eyeshadows much (almost never), this is one gorgeous palette!

  5. Hi Rads! Fez is my favorite too! Such a beautiful shade :) NARS eyeshadows are always hit or miss or me..found some of them to be quite powdery, fall out etc, but the shade selection here is pretty neat and usable for the most part! :) :)


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