NARS Blushes - Swatches

NARS Cosmetics Makeup Blush Swatches on Darker Indian Skin
NARS Cosmetics - Blush

Touted as the best and the must-have blushes, NARS definitely seems to be - as they claim - the authority on blushes!   My first NARS blush was Liberte, and I also have NARS Orgasm (a mini GWP), Taos, Seduction, and Boys Don't Cry (limited edition from the Pierre Hardy collection).  Despite it's popularity, NARS Orgasm is the one I rarely/never use.  I get barely any color showing on my darker skin and a whole lot of disco shimmer - not my favorite look.  The limited edition Boys Don't Cry would be my favorite blush by NARS.  I didn't buy it for a while after it was released, but I happened to swatch it one time at Sephora and fell in love with the color and the formula.  I think I got lucky since it went out of stock soon after I bought it.  Anyhow, here's a look at the swatches of some NARS blushes on my darker Indian skin tone.

NARS Cosmetics Makeup Blush Swatches - Taos Liberte Seduction Boys Dont Cry
These are the NARS blushes I have with me.
Taos - Warm rose with golden shimmer
Liberte - Burnished apricot
Seduction - Sangria
Boys Don't Cry
NARS Cosmetics Makeup Blush Swatches - Orgasm Taos
NARS Blush Swatches
Orgasm - Peachy pink with golden shimmer
Taos - Warm rose with fine gold shimmer

I got swatches of some of the other blushes (that I haven't bought) during one of my trips to Sephora.  There are quite a few that are missing, and I will try to add in photos when I get a chance to swatch/buy them, but for now here's a peek.

NARS Blush Albatross Satellite of Love Luster Deep Throat Madly Amour Swatches
NARS Blush - Swatches
Albatross - Luminous glow (highlighting blush)
Satellite of Love - Sparkling gold sand (highlighting blush)
Luster - Sheer golden apricot
Deep Throat - Flirty sheer peach
Madly - Warm soft focus seashell pink
Amour - Peachy pink
NARS Blush Desire Gaiety Outlaw Sin Angelika Oasis Mata Hari Swatches
NARS Blush - Swatches
Desire - Cotton candy pink
Gaiety - Bright candy pink
Outlaw - Soft rose tone with golden shimmer
Sin - Berry tone with gold shimmer
Angelika - Cotton candy pink with gold and silver sparkle
Oasis - Sparkling pink champagne
Mata Hari -Pink with a hint of crimson
NARS Blush Dolce Vita Torrid Exhibit A Lovejoy Sattelite of Love Swatches
NARS Blush - Swatches
Dolce Vita - Matte dusty rose
Torrid - Warm coral with golden shimmer
Exhibit A - Matte red blush
Lovejoy - Shimmering bronzed rose
Sattelite of Love - 
Sparkling gold sand (highlighting blush)

Being darker skinned, I love how packed with pigment NARS blushes are.  I do find some of them a bit tricky to blend, but a soft fluffy brush definitely makes it easier, and it's worth the little extra effort because the color stays on the whole day.

Have you tried NARS blushes?  Which one is your favorite?

Also check Bloomin Beauty's Swatches/Mini-reviews of NARS Blushes - I know everyone has their favorites, but for me, this was the blog with the most true-to-color swatches of the NARS blushes, and I found the descriptions pretty helpful too.