Jul 10, 2014

Copper and Green Eye Makeup with MAC Eyeshadows (Coppering, Soba, Saddle)

Copper Green Eye Makeup - MAC Eyeshadows Coppering Soba Saddle

Coppering was one of the first eyeshadows I bought from MAC.  It was a bit of an impulse buy, and after getting back home and trying it under natural lighting, I found the color a bit too frosty and bright for my liking.  I didn't use it much after that, and it's only recently that I have finally figured out how to use this color.  Coppering pairs beautifully with a lot of the MAC warm brown eyeshadows, and for today's makeup look, I have added Urban Decay's Loaded to the mix.

Copper Green Eye Makeup tutorial - MAC Eyeshadows Coppering Soba Saddle
For my eyes, I used:
Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer
Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencil - Loaded
MAC Eyeshadows - Soba, Coppering, Saddle
Chanel Le Volume Mascara in Black

Here's a quick how-to on an easy copper and green eye makeup look with MAC eyeshadows - Coppering, Soba, and Saddle - starting with a scary nekkid face photo...well, almost nekkid, since I did add in a bit of concealer and foundation and dabbed on some lipstick.  I usually don't apply concealer over my eyelids, but I have added that here.

Copper Green Eye Makeup - MAC Eyeshadows Coppering Soba Saddle
1.  Start by priming the lids with a lid primer to help keep the shadows in place.  I had previously also applied concealer over my lids to reduce some of the darkness.
2.  Apply UD Loaded - a dark green pencil along the upper lashline in a thickish line.  Work the color into the roots of the lashes to avoid any skin showing through later.
3.  Smudge the color using a smudger/pencil brush or a finger.  Keep the color darker towards the lashline and fading out over the rest of the lid.
4.  Apply a warm brown eyeshadow (Saddle works best for my skin tone) to blend out the edges of the smudged eyeliner along the crease.  This will help colors transition better towards the browbone and avoid harsh edges. 
Copper Green Eye Makeup - MAC Eyeshadows Coppering Soba Saddle
5.  Apply MAC Soba on the outer half of the eyelid.  Use any flat eyeshadow brush for this.
6.  Apply MAC Coppering over the inner half of the lid and slightly overlapping the previously applied Soba.  Blend the edges of the two shadows very gently so the colors merge into each other smoothly.  Keep the pressure very slight to avoid the colors disappearing all together.
7.  Apply a thin line with Urban Decay's Loaded (or any green eyeliner).  I have applied the eyeliner towards the outer corner of the eye.
8.  Using a pencil brush, blend the line softly.  I have applied the same green liner along my waterline and used the same pencil brush to blend some Soba along the lower lashline. 
Use a clean blending brush to buff out any harsh edges along the crease, and finish with black mascara for the lashes.

And this is the finished look - I kept the rest of the makeup neutral too with a peach-nude lipstick and a soft blush.

Copper Green Eye Makeup - MAC Eyeshadows Coppering Soba Saddle

So..umm..I forgot to take a photo of the lipstick or the blush, but if you don't mind a bit of Google searching, it's NARS Tzigane lipstick and NARS cream blush Montenegro.

Not really related to this post -  I stopped by a MAC store today and picked up Blacktrack.  Also wanted to pick up a good loose/pressed powder to set my makeup and keep the oil a bit under control, but I just didn't have the patience to deal with the SAs at the counter.  Any suggestions on a good powder I could try (don't want anything with shimmer)?


  1. Goodness gracious the makeup is so simple yet classy
    as always, makeup posts of weekend ramblings has a touch of classy-ness

    1. Awww..you just wayyy too generous, Bidisha!! :) :)

  2. I need to get saddle asap..love how warm it is :) beautiful eotd!
    If you have oily skin mac studio fix powder is good but if dry skin stay miles away..mm may be select sheer powder? heard its good though no idea on oil control..mac prep n prime powder is raved for oil control...
    I want to give Nars Light Reflecting powder a try..have seen so many use it as setting powder :)

    1. Thank you for all the suggestions, Parita! I do have oily skin, but it's the kind that gets oily and flaky at the same time - guess it's got something to do with getting older. Prep n Prime are the ones that come in color correcting varieties? I saw some loose powders there...a strong peach and a pink ...those kinds...I figured they must be something to do with correcting undertones or something. Plus I think I read somewhere that loose powders are better for oily skin (assuming you aren't traveling) since they have less of the fillers that are needed for the pressed versions....

  3. You do great wearable makeup Rads.. Looks amazing.. I want both Soba and Saddle now :)

    I have been using MAC Select Sheer which is a light everyday wear pressed powder and it does help control oil in my T-zone for a couple of hours.. I have heard a lot about Studio Fix and I am planning to get that next :)

  4. MAC has a lot of these warm brown shadows, don't they? I must be the last one to discover them :D

    Oh woww..it works with Chennai weather too..then it must be awesome! What shade do you use in it, so I get an idea what to look for in the store...I find the store lighting sooo confusing :|

  5. I use mac prep and prime in translucent. It blurs imperfections and gives a nice airbrushed look. How do you like the suqqu face brush?! I have been eyeing it for 2 years!

    1. Hi Mehvash..I love the Suqqu Face brush! It's really soft, and applies powders beautifully. It's great if you like a sheerer application. I will try to post a review some time next week, but there are some great reviews on Makeupalley...especially about price and quality....

    2. Ooops..posted too soon! Anyway...here's the link to Makeupalley:


      Scroll down a bit and check out the one by ammit1984. I guess you might have already read every review on Suqqu brushes by now, though :P :P

      About the Prep prime powder - does it leave a whitish cast with photography? It's an issue most people mention with translucent powder, and it would be an issue for me since I have to take photos for the blog..


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