Jun 28, 2015

MAC Le Disko Collection (Dazzleglass - Dazzleshadow) - Swatches

MAC Le Disko Collection Dazzleglass Dazzleshadow Swatches
MAC Le Disko Collection at Nordstrom

I rarely venture near a MAC store or counter and much less so near anything glittery, but the MAC counter at my local Nordstroms seemed to be having a relatively quiet day today - no crowds and just a few friendly SAs - so I decided to check out some of the newer collections, including the aptly named glitterfest - MAC Le Disko Collection.  It's mostly eyeshadows in this collection along with 5 lipglosses and 2 eyeliners, and I was quite pleasantly surprised by the texture of the Dazzleshadows.  Scroll on for more photos and swatches.

MAC Le Disko Collection Dazzleshadows Eyeshadows Swatches Say It Isnt So Slow Fast Slow Boom Boom Room Last Dance Feel the Fever I Like 2 Watch
MAC Le Disko Collection - Dazzleshadow Eyeshadow - Swatches
Say It Isn't So - Dark grey with pink sparkles
Slow/Fast/Slow - Bronze with red sparkles
Boom Boom Room - Light burgundy with emerald sparkles
Last Dance - Peach beige with pink sparkles
Feel the Fever - Deep blue purple with pink sparkles
I Like 2 Watch - Midtone brown with gold sparkles
MAC Le Disko Collection Dazzleshadows Eyeshadows Swatches Lets Boogie Cant Stop Dont Stop Try Me On Get Physical
MAC Le Disko Collection - Dazzleshadow Eyeshadow - Swatches
Let's Boogie - Black with sparkles
Can't Stop, Don't Stop - Deep plum purple with sparkles
Try Me On - Deep blue green with sparkles
Get Physical - Purple with light blue sparkles

So, yes, the eyeshadows - Dazzleshadows - are quite glittery, and some of them really don't show up well on my swatches, but I think these aren't really meant to be swatched on anyway.  Shimmer/glitter like this would show up better patted on, but some of these Dazzleshadows are pigmented enough to even show up with swatches.  I loved the warm brown and bronze shades, and of course, I am biased toward the deep purples, but if you use shimmery shadows, do give these a try at the counter.  I amn't a huge fan of glitter, and even I loved these eyeshadows!

MAC Le Disko Collection also includes some shimmery Dazzleglass and 2 eyeliners - gold and silver.  I forgot to swatch the eyeliners and missed out on one of the lipglosses, but here's a look at the few swatches that I did get.

MAC Le Disko Collection Dazzleglass Lipgloss Swatches Lipglass Boys Go crazy Cherry Popping Phiff Rollergirl
MAC Le Disko Collection - Dazzleglass Lip Color - Swatches
Boys Go Crazy - Dark purple with  blue undertone
Cherry Popping - Fuchsia with purple pearl
Phiff! - Clear with gold shimmer
Rollergirl - Nude with pink pearl

 Overall, MAC Le Disko Collection has a lot to pick from if you love some glitter in your makeup.  My favorites would be the eyeshadows.

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  1. I love the boom boom shade..its gorgeous n a dupe for urban decay solstice :)

    1. Urban Decay does have similar shades - I forgot about that! :D Boom Boom is beautiful..


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