Jul 4, 2015

Givenchy Le Rouge-À-Porter Lipsticks - Swatches

Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter Lipsticks - Swatches
Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter Lipsticks ($36) at Sephora

Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter is one of the newer launches from the brand.  It features the same genuine leather casing as the Givenchy Le Rouge lipstcks, the Le Rouge-A-Porter lipsticks are slimmer tubes and are more balm-like in texture. These lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid and protect the lip while providing subtle shine and are available in an array of colors, from nude beiges to brighter corals.  Here's a look at the swatches.

Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter Lipsticks Swatches 301Vermillion Creation 302Rouge Atelier 303Framboise Griffae 203Rose Avant-Garde 204Rose Perfecto 205Violine Inspiration 202Rose Fantaisie 304Moka Imprime
Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter Lipsticks - Swatches
301 Vermillion Creation - 302 Rouge Atelier - 303 Framboise Griffae - 203 Rose Avant-Garde
204 Rose Perfecto - 205 Violine Inspiration - 202 Rose Fantaisie - 304 Moka Imprime
Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter Lipsticks Swatches 105Brun Vintage 106Parme Silhouette 201Rose Aristocrate 104Beige Floral 103Beige Plumetis 102Beige Mousseline 101Nude Ultime
Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter Lipsticks - Swatches
105 Brun Vintage - 106 Parme Silhouette - 201 Rose Aristocrate - 104Beige Floral
103 Beige Plumetis - 102 Beige Mousseline - 101 Nude Ultime

Givenchy Le Rouge lipstick in Brun Createur is one of my most used lipsticks, and I love the formula and colors available in that range.  Givenchy Le Rouge-A-Porter lipsticks seem just as amazing - creamier and more moisturizing -  and I love the colors available in this range.  Of course, I am partial to softer, more wearable colors and hydrating formulas, but I definitely like these new lipsticks from Givenchy.  And it doesn't hurt that the packaging looks so good!

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  1. From my N number of friends I want to thank you for swatches Radhika ..
    all this while whatever swatches you posted have really helped me , my friend Eesha , my friend Jigisha and so many girls who can relate to them :)
    pls keep them coming gal

    1. Awww..that's really sweet of you Rashmi..glad the swatches help :) :)


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