Jul 3, 2015

A Gold and Peach Warm-Toned Everyday Makeup Look for Summer

Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial - Gold Peach Warm Tones - Easy Steps How To Guide
A Gold and Peach Warm-Toned Everyday Makeup Look for Summer

My makeup look this week has been about layering.  Makeup lasts longer that way, though that's not why I have been opting for this routine.  I have a whole bunch of Urban Decay eyeliner pencils, and while I use a couple of the matte ones quite regularly, the more shimmery/bright colors are barely touched.  Since these pencils are quite long-lasting, I have been using a few of these as all-over lid colors under or over other eyeshadows.  For today's look I have used Urban Decay's Scorch more as a base that doesn't show up too much in the end but definitely adds a sparkle and dimension to the overall look.  My lip color also needed a bit of layering with a rarely used orangey-brown L'Oreal lipstick topped with a nude lipliner and a beige lipgloss.  Scroll on for more details on what I used for this warm-toned gold and peach makeup look and an easy makeup tutorial.

Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial - Gold Peach Warm Tones - MAC Saddle Uninterrupted Urban Decay Scorch NARS Isolde eyeshadows
Warm-Toned Look for Summer - Products Used (Eyes)
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadows:  MAC - Uninterrupted, Saddle / NARS - Bengali, Isolde (Ride to The Moon palate)
Eyeliners:  MAC Fluidline Blacktrack / Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencils - Scorch, Perversion
Maybelline Megaplush Mascara
Brushes/Tools:  Chanel #25 flat eyeshadow brush, NARS large-dome blending brush, Tom Ford Smokey Eye Brush #14 (smudger/pencil brush), Maybelline gel eyeliner brush, TBS flat angled brush, Chanel eyelash curler

1.  Prime eyelids with Urban Decay primer potion.  I also filled in my eyebrows and curled my eyelashes before starting with the rest of the makeup.  Yes, I know, that's something most people do at the end of their eye makeup, but I hate it when makeup transfers on to my lash curler.

2.  Apply Urban Decay Scorch (gold with a bit of shimmer) all over the lid, stopping just short of the crease.

Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial - Gold Peach Warm Tones - Easy Steps How To Guide
A Gold and Peach Warm-Toned Everyday Makeup Look for Summer - Steps

3.  Apply MAC Uninterrupted all over the lid using a flat eyeshadow brush (I have used Chanel #25 flat eyeshadow brush).

4.  Using a large/fluffy dome-shaped blending brush (brush I have used is by NARS) and MAC Uninterrupted, buff the shadow just above the crease to get a soft haze of color extending out from the crease (check pic/arrow).

5.  Using the same flat eyeshadow brush, apply NARS Isolde (a warm frosty ginger eyeshadow) all over the lid.  Just as with UD Scorch pencil applied earlier, apply this color only up until the crease.  Using a pencil/smudger brush (I have used Tom Ford #14), apply MAC Saddle along the lower lashline.  Using the same pencil brush, apply NARS Isolde along inner corner of eye.  This isn't seen too well in my photos, though, but it helps give a wider/open appearance to the eye.

6.  Using the fluffy eyeshadow brush, buff out the edges of the eyeshadow applied in step #5 (NARS Isolde).  I used a bit of MAC Uninterrupted to blend the edges.  After blending the edges, check if the intensity of the shadow on the lid has reduced.  Pat on more if needed.

7.  Using a black gel eyeliner (I used MAC Blacktrack), dot the eyeliner along the roots of the lashes, along upper lashline.  This helps define the lashline without having to draw a precise line.

8.  Using NARS Bengali (a dark brown eyeshadow) on an angled eyeliner brush (mine is from TBS), press the brown eyeshadow on to the black eyeliner.  I haven't smudged the liner, just stamped it on, and since I used brown instead of black it automatically softens the liner.  Also apply the brown eyeshadow along the outer third of lower lashline.

9.  Using a pencil brush, blend the shadows along the lower lashline.  Tightline with a black eyeliner pencil - lining both upper and lower waterline.  Use more of the MAC Saddle eyeshadow and blend out any harsh lines along lower lashline.  Finish with mascara (after curling lashes if not done already).

And that's the finished look.

Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial - Gold Peach Warm Tones - Easy Steps How To Guide
A Gold and Peach Warm-Toned Everyday Makeup Look for Summer

For the rest of my face, I used my usual combination of NARS and Chanel for foundation and concealer.  I also used YSL Touche Eclat (4.5) as a highlighter/brightener in the undereye area and around my mouth - something I am still experimenting with :P  For the blush, I used Chanel Joues Contraste In Love - a peachy blush that makes an appearance in my makeup routine every summer.  It's a soft color that doesn't register too well in photos, but in real life, this give me just a hint of peachy color on the cheeks and fits perfectly in with my usual low-key makeup looks.  For my lips, I started with L'Oreal lipstick in Cinnamon Toast.  It's an orangey-brown lipstick that I find a bit too dark/loud (reminds me of paan), but I applied a layer of this lip color, blotted off slightly with a tissue, filled in and defined lips with No. 7 lipliner in Nude (yes, the Lisa Eldridge one), and topped with Chanel lipgloss in Sweet Beige.  Much better now, I think!

Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial - Peach Gold Warm Tones - Loreal lipstick Cinnamon Toast No7 Nude Lipliner pencil Chanel Sweet Beige Gloss In Love Blush
Warm-toned Look for Summer - Products Used (face)
Foundation:  Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet, NARS Tinted Moisturizer
Concealer:  YSL Touch Eclat, NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer
Powder:  Chanel Vitalumiere Powder foundation, Chanel Les Beiges
Blush:  Chanel Joues Contraste - In Love
Lips:  L'Oreal lipstick Cinnamon Toast, No. 7 lipliner Nude, Chanel Glossimer Sweet Beige
Brushes:  1- Chanel #13 Ultrafine eyeliner brush and 2- It Cosmetics brush for concealer, 3 - Tom Ford 02 Cream Foundation brush, 4 - Tom Ford 06 Cheek/blush brush, 5- Suqqu Face/Powder brush
Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial - Gold Peach Warm Tones - Easy Steps How To Guide
A Gold and Peach Warm-Toned Everyday Makeup Look for Summer

I don't usually wear golden/frosty eyeshadows, but probably because the colors used are all warm neutrals color, I found myself wearing this makeup look quite a bit this week.  It's getting very warm here now, and I would change out the black liner for a brown or skip it all together, though, especially if I am planning on spending too much time outdoors.

And lastly, here's a look at the swatches of some of the products used in this makeup look.  If you decide to give this makeup look a try, this should help you find something similar (if not the exact same products).

Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial - Gold Peach Warm Tones - Swatches - MAC Saddle Uninterrupted Blacktrack NARS Isolde Bengali Urban Decay Perversion Scorch eyeliner pencils eyeshadows
Swatches (L to R):  Urban Decay Eyeliner Pencils - Perversion, Scorch
MAC Uninterrupted, NARS Isolde (from Ride to The Moon palette), MAC Saddle, NARS Bengali
MAC Fluidline Blacktrack
Easy Summer Makeup Tutorial - Gold Peach Warm Tones - Swatches - Swatches - Chanel Blush In Love Glossimer Sweet Beige Loreal Lipstick Cinnamon Toast No7 Lipliner pencil Nude
Swatches (L to R) - L'Oreal lipstick Cinnamon Toast, No.7 Nude lipliner pencil, Chanel Sweet Beige Glossimer
Chanel Joues Contraste blush - In Love


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  1. Gorgeous radhika..u look very fresh

  2. Cinnamon Toast is not a shade anybody can carry this beautifully Rads :) I felt browns make anyone look dull /sick but you changed my opinion :)

    1. It looks paaan stained kinds on me too...I need a lighter gloss on to make it wearable :D

  3. Chanel blush looks very flattering on you..its gorgeous..Cinnamon toast is a quite bold color but applied lightly and topping it with a lip gloss is a winner!


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