Aug 25, 2015

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows (2015) - Swatches

MAC Electric Cool Cream Eyeshadows 2015 Swatches
MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows ($22 each) at Nordstrom

MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows are a new, limited edition collection featuring vibrant, bright eyeshadows with a frost finish.  The texture of these eyeshadows is similar to the Chanel Illusion D'Ombre - cream eyeshadows with a spongy formula and a dry powdery finish when applied on the skin.  The shadows can be applied sheer when blended and/or layered for more opaque color.  There are some beautiful colors in this range, and here's a look at the swatches.

MAC Electric Cool Cream Eyeshadows 2015 Swatches Emerald Power Iced Brilliantly Lit Switch to Blue Dynamo
MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows (2015) - Swatches
Emerald Power - Emerald green
Iced - Pearly white
Brilliantly Lit - Lime
Switch to Blue - Rich cobalt
Dynamo - Peach 
MAC Electric Cool Cream Eyeshadows 2015 Swatches In Orbit Superwatt Black Sands Photosphere Love Power Intraviolet Coil
MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows (2015) - Swatches
In Orbit - Light warm neutral
Superwatt - Light shimmering taupe
Black Sands - Black with green pearl
Photosphere - Soft gold
Love Power - Soft shimmering rose
Infra-Violet - Magenta
Coil - Copper bronze
MAC Electric Cool Cream Eyeshadows 2015 Swatches Electroplate Highly Charged Gravitational Electric Illumination
MAC Electric Cool Eyeshadows (2015) - Swatches
Electroplate - Slate gray
Highly Charged - Rich purple with pink pearl
Gravitational - Coppery neutral
Electric Illumination - Bright silver

I have not been a huge fan of cream eyeshadows in the past because most of them never stay on my oily lids and crease a lot, but newer cream eyeshadows definitely have much better, longer lasting formulations with textures like richly pigmented powder eyeshadows.  MAC Electric Cool eyeshadows seem to follow this trend.  The colors are bright, vibrant, and intensely pigmented.  My favorites among these would be all the bronzey browns and neutrals - Coil, Highly Charged, Superwatt, Dynamo.  I haven't tried these on my lids to know anything about their lasting power, but there are some lovely colors in this range, and if you are in the market for some easy to use cream eyeshadows, then do give these a try.

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