Oct 27, 2015

Makeup Tutorial - How to Use Concealers for a Flawless Fall Makeup Look

How to Use Concealers for a Flawless Fall Makeup Look on Darker Indian Skin - Step by Step Tutorial
Fall Makeup Trend - Concealer Wardrobe for Flawless Skin

I am sure I had pretty good skin at some point, but for the longest time - starting from my college days - my skin has been going through bouts of breakouts, either acne or reactions to products.  It took me quite a bit of time and trials to get to a skincare routine that works for my skin, and while my skin is relatively well behaved now, I still have a lot of blemishes left behind.  I also have dark pigmentation around deep-set eyes so I end up looking like I have really dark circles.  Needless to say, a good foundation-concealer routine is an essential for me, and over time, I have learnt that there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the concealers I can use.  I get better results using specific concealers to target each skin concern, and while it might seem like using too much product, in fact, with a bit of patience and some pinpoint application, there's less product used and a more "naturally flawless" effect to the skin.  Scroll on for a quick look at my concealer wardrobe and how I apply concealers for a flawless fall makeup routine.

Step 1 - Dark circles/undereye pigmentation.
 After I am done with my foundation, I tackle concealer application starting with the undereye area.  I have two issues here - dark pigmentation, especially prominent towards the inner corner of the eye, and deep set eyes which creates a line of shadow along the corner of the eye resulting in creasing and added darkness along the undereye area.  For this reason I use 2 different concealers - a darker peach-toned concealer to neutralize the dark pigmentation and follow it with an undereye concealer that is closer to my skin.

Makeup Tutorial - How to Use Concealers for a Flawless Fall Makeup Look
Benefit Fake-Up Concealer* - a darker peach-toned concealer with a rim of creamy moiturizer.  Helps neutralize dark pigmentation and is creamy enough to not settle into creases and/or look cakey.  Shade I have used is Deep 03.
How to Apply Concealers to Cover Dark Circles Indian Skin - Makeup tutorial steps
1-2.  Apply Benefit Fake-Up to neutralize dark pigmentation - concentrate the product over areas that are dark.  Blend with a synthetic concealer brush.
3-4.  Apply an undereye concealer that matches your skin tone.  I have used It Cosmetics Bye-Bye Under Eye concealer.  This helps highlight the undereye area and knock out shadows.
5-6.  Set with a matte powder.  This helps the concealer stay on longer.  Avoid blending concealers too much to prevent creasing.  Also, c
reamy undereye concealers tend to be a bit shiny, and powder helps mattify this.
Makeup Tutorial - How to Use Concealers for a Flawless Fall Makeup Look
It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Anti-Aging Concealer* - Creamy concealer with antiaging ingredients that helps brighten undereye area while providing skin-friendly ingredients like collagen and vitamins C and E.

Using a concealer specifically designed for undereyes helps because these concealers tend to me more moisturizing and creamy, which means they don't settle into fine lines and creases.  The same properties also make these concealers a bit shiny and reflective, and sometimes these also tend to slip off the skin.  An easy fix for that is to set them with a matte powder.  Also I find it best to use brushes to apply the concealer and avoid blending or touching the product too much.  Pat it on with a brush and set with powder and leave it alone.

Moving on to the next step - hide the blemishes.  Most of my blemishes are older scars/marks that are hyperpigmented, and a good opaque concealer designed to hide blemishes applied with a pointed concealer brush is sufficient to cover these up.  Such concealers tend to be thicker and slightly on the drier side, so they hold on to the skin better.  For covering breakouts, I would prefer using a concealer that has some salicylic acid (like the Murad Acne Treatment Concealer) in it so it covers up the blemish as well as helps with the healing.

Makeup Tutorial - How to Use Concealers for a Flawless Fall Makeup Look
Amazing Cosmetics A Little Amazing Concealer* - This is a new-to-me brand that I have read rave reviews about but only got around to trying recently.  This Amazing concealer is the perfect consistency for covering blemishes - the liquid formula dries to a natural finish and gives perfect coverage.  I also love that this product has a LOT of color options (very important for my darker Indian skin tone) and is also available in smaller sizes, so it's perfect if you want to try out product or for carrying around for travel.
Makeup tutorial - How to Use Apply Concealers to Cover Blemishes Indian Skin - Steps
7-8.  I like to use a pointed synthetic brush to apply concealer - helps with precise application of the concealer over the blemishes.  Dab with fingers or a soft brush to blend the edges with the surrounding skin and set with  powder to help the conccealer stay on longer.
8-9 - Use a highlighting concealer (or one that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone) to areas that need a bit of dimension and to soften shadows along creases.  For today's makeup look, I wanted to do a bold red lip and wanted a bit of definition around the lips.  I also applied some concealer over my browbone and to creases around my mouth to soften shadows and add some brightness.  Softly blend the product with fingers or brush.
Makeup Tutorial - How to Use Concealers for a Flawless Fall Makeup Look
Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick* - Cover and Contour easily with this concealer that comes in a convenient chubby pencil format.  It's great for travel and does a good job of concealing while doubling as a quick highlighting-contouring tool.  Swipe the pencil on areas that need concealing and blend with fingers.  Makeup application really doesn't get easier than this!

Depending on the time available and/or the kind of makeup look I am planning to wear, I can either stop with concealing blemishes and dark circles or I take it another step and use concealers to add in a bit of dimension to the face with some subtle highlighting and contouring.  My face structure has enough natural shadows in it so I rarely try my hand at contouring, but I do like to add a slightly lighter-toned concealer to darker areas around my mouth, browbone, etc., to help add a bit of definition and soften shadows.  For today's makeup, I have used the Amazing Cosmetics Perfection Stick cover and contour pencil.  I also like the Maybelline Dream Lumi Touch concealer - the shade Honey is a little lighter than my natural skin tone and is perfect to use as a highlighter.  Apply small quantities only where it's needed.  Pat with fingers or brush to blend in.

I have oily-combination skin, so I do need to set everything with a good matte powder - I prefer using loose powder foundations.  Even on normal/dry skin, concealer application blends in better with the skin and stays on longer when set with powder.  Here's a look at the before-after.

Makeup Tutorial - How to Use Concealers for a Flawless Fall Makeup Look
Concealers for flawless skin - Before/After
In the After pic - I did fill in my brows and added a dab of concealer to my lips to even them out.

That's my quick guide to my concealer application routine! :D  I do have to add, though, these are not the exact steps I follow every single day and I certainly don't think any one method works for everyone and/or every situation.  Depending on the makeup look I am going for, I like to change - add or take out steps - from this concealer routine.  It might seem like a lot of steps, but honestly, when I amn't running around taking photos, it takes hardly any time to get this done.  There are a ton of different concealers available in different consistencies (from skin-friendly serums to convenient sticks and pencils) that target different skin tones and concerns, so it's easy to build a concealer wardrobe that works best for you.

As for me, I figured it would be a shame to waste my "good skin day," so I picked a bold red lip for the day.

Fall Makeup Trend - Concealer Wardrobe - Flawless Skin Red Lipstick
Additional Products Used - Smashbox Infrared Matte lipstick, Maybelline The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette,
It Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Stain - Matte Sweet Apple

Hope this quick guide to concealers helped, and have a great week! :)

*Thanks to Ulta Beauty and People Stylewatch for providing the concealers used in today's makeup look #UltaTrendAlert #StyleHunters4Ulta
Smashbox lipstick and It Cosmetics Vitality Cheek Stain provided previously for review.
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  1. I have deep dark circles as well. I use an orange corrector and then top it up with a concealer.


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