Jul 25, 2016

PurErb Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar

PurErb Skincare Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar - Review
PurErb Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar ($10 at purerbskincare.com)
Product provided for review

PurErb is a new-to-me herbology and aromatherapy-based skincare brand that incorporates antioxidant-rich vitamins, oils, and botanical extracts carefully sourced from locations around the world into products that deliver uniquely effective results.  Apart from the skincare line that includes cleansers, toners, facials oils, moisturizers, etc., the PurErb range also include massage oils and tools.  The product that I have been trying out for some days now is the PurErb Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar.  With a unique formula developed by a Korean Master Monk, the PurErb cleansing bar has quite an impressive array of natural extracts and botanical ingredients and equally impressive claims:  "It brightens, reduces hyperpigmentation, improves elasticity, boosts energy, and promotes a sense of stability. What other facial soap on the planet does that, using all-natural ingredients?”  So of course, I had to give it a try.  Scroll on to know more about this unique cleansing bar.

PurErb Skincare Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar - Review
PurErb Skincare Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar
The bar comes wrapped in a clear plastic film
PurErb Skincare Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar - Review
PurErb Skincare Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar
This is the smaller 1 oz size which is quite convenient to travel with and/or if you want to try out the product.

The PurErb Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar is available in 2 sizes - a smaller/trial size of 1 oz which is what I have and a larger 3.5 oz version.  The packaging is simple and no-frills, with the bar wrapped in protective plastic wrap, though I think this will be changed to a different packaging some time later this year.  Anywho, moving on to the bar itself - this is a rather plain, dark disc of soap,with an earthy-herbal smell to it.  While the smell is quite noticeable, it doesn't bother me at all.   It probably helps that I am used to the smell of herbs and oils - they are quite commonly used in Indian Ayurvedic skin and haircare products.  To use, wet the soap, rub between palms to get a soft lather.  Massage the lather on to the face and neck for about 30 seconds, then rinse and pat dry.  I either rinse it off right away or follow with my Clarisonic and then rinse off.  Either way, it washes off easily and leaves my skin feeling clean yet soft without any dryness.

I am not sure what the lathering agent in this bar is - there is quite an extensive ingredients list mentioned on the packaging, but I amn't familiar enough with these to know what provides the cleansing action - but this soap gives a very soft lather that leaves skin clean without any dryness or tightness afterwards.  I do have to take off my makeup with a makeup remover before using this soap - which is what I do with most cleansers - as it does leave a bit of foundation residue and I guess might also be missing out on bits of sunblock.  As for the brightening effects, I definitely feel my skin looks healthier and more even-toned since I started using this soap.  Of course, my regular skincare routine does help with the brightening effect, but I do feel this soap has contributed to the overall improvement in my skin.

PurErb Skincare Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar - Ingredients
PurErb Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar - Ingredients
Key Ingredients:  Antioxidant-rich Korean red ginseng, which assists in improving microcirculation, improves skin firmness and elasticity, and promotes a healthier, brighter complexion
Mulberry, which helps inhibit melanin synthesis
Mitracarpe, which soothes inflammation and provides a lightening effect
Slender Glasswort, which detoxifies, tones, and improves texture
Lady’s Mantle, which helps fade away freckles and age spots
Balloon Flower, which combats inflammation and oxidative damage
Heartleaf, which contains potassium to help skin retain moisture
Yarrow, which helps calm and balance acne-prone skin
White Hyacinth, which features essential fatty acids, vitamins, and skin-nourishing minerals to calm and balance skin.

I have oily-combination skin with a generous sprinkling of old acne scars and sun damage, and I am always on the lookout for products that would help fade the hyperpigmentation and sort out uneven skin tone.  I try to add products with brightening ingredients in every step of my skincare routine and use products that do not irritate my sensitive skin and/or cause breakouts.  The PurErb Clarity Brightening Cleansing Bar ticks all the right boxes and fits in with my current skincare.  I didn't have any skin irritation or reactions to this product, though of course, skin reactions can vary even to something as simple as a face wash.  Unlike a lot of brightening face washes I have tried, the PurErb bar doesn't dry out my skin, and I have noticed a definite improvement in the appearance of my skin since I started using this bar.  My skin looks brighter, and while the marks are not going to disappear overnight, they definitely seem to be getting less noticeable.  As with any product that helps with hyperpigmentation and also because of the high level of botanical extracts in this product, I would definitely recommend using good sun protection.

Overall, I do think this is an interesting - and effective, going by my experience - product to try if you are looking for products to help even out skin tone and diminish hyperpigmentation.

Product featured in the post was provided for review. 

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