Nov 28, 2016

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose and Nirvana Bourbon

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Parfum Spray - Fragrance Review
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose Parfum Spray at Sephora
Fragrance Notes:  Rose de mai, geranium, vetiver
Style: Confident, refined, seductive

The first Elizabeth and James perfume launched a while back with Nirvana Black and White duo, and this year, the Olsen twins added another duo to their perfume line with Nirvana Rose and Nirvana Bourbon.  The bottle design is similar to the original Nirvana perfume, and the perfumes are housed in scarlet (Rose) and amber-colored (Bourbon) see-through dark glass bottles with gold accents.  I love the slim, modern, stylish design of these bottles.

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Rose is described as a sultry, refined scent that blends deep rose notes with vetiver and geranium to create a sophisticated perfume.  The perfume is housed in a beautiful scarlet-toned bottle with gold accents.  On my skin, the perfume opens with deep rose notes which gradually settle down and earthy vetiver notes start to shine through.  Within about half an hour, the perfume morphs to a grassy, earthy fragrance with floral rose notes lurking in the background.  While I generally delegate rose-based fragrances to the summers, Nirvana Rose with its interesting vetiver twist would work well as an all-year-round perfume.  The perfume also has amazing lasting power and stays all day even on my dry skin.
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Parfum Spray - Fragrance Review
Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon Parfum Spray at Sephora
Fragrance Notes: Vanilla bourbon, oakwood, tuberose
Style: Passionate, unpredictable, provocative

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon is described as a woody oriental, and the notes are a smooth blend of vanilla bourbon, oakwood, and tuberose.  The perfume is housed in a dark amber-toned bottle which adds to the warm cozy appeal of the fragrance.  The perfume opens with sweet vanilla notes mixed in with a creamy boozy note.  As the perfume warms on the skin, woody notes get prominent, but the fragrance stays clean and light with no overwhelming sweetness or sharpness to it.  I am not a fan of tuberose, but I could really not detect it in this perfume.  I am sure it adds body to the perfume, but I love that it does its thing quietly in the background and allows the wood and bourbon notes to shine through.  This is a lovely fall-winter fragrance - light, warm, with a hint of smokey sweetness to it - and it's easy to wear any time of the day.   I did read quite a few reviews complaining about the short lasting power of this perfume, and I have to agree - this perfume does soften quite a bit as time goes by.

I love the bottle design of both these perfumes, the colors as well as the see-through glass design.  I love warm woody notes, and with its boozy vanilla-oakwood notes, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon is easily my favorite among the two.  Nirvana Rose is more suited for those who like rose-based and/or floral fragrances, but I do like the mix of rose and vetiver notes in this perfume, and it does seem to last a long time on my skin. 

Review based on samples/GWPs.

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