Dec 18, 2016

MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows - Swatches

MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows - Swatches
MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows ($22 each) at

MAC Spellbinder eyeshadows are a newish launch, and I have been waiting to give these a try ever since I spotted the promo pictures.  I love how rich and vibrant the colors look on model, and the eyeshadows themselves have a strange velvety appearance.  I recently tried these at the MAC counter, and at least in terms of packaging and design, these eyeshadows are definitely different from anything I have tried so far.  The eyeshadows are packed in a pot, similar to a lot of cream eyeshadows, but the pot/tub is actually mostly a heavy magnetic base, and the eyeshadow is only in a small portion at the top.  I haven't checked a new, untouched eyeshadow, but there's definitely a lot less product in there than might appear from the size of the pot.  The eyeshadows themselves are - MAC claims - magnetically charged pigments that bind together and create a dense, pigmented vibrant look.  Because they are magnetized, the eyeshadows feel quite strange to touch.  They mostly just move around in the container when pushed around, but once picked up on brush or fingers, they are look and feel like smooth metallic eyeshadows or pigments - a bit less prone to fallout than pigments, I think.  Scroll on for swatches.

MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows - Swatches - Mysterious Influence - Retrograde - Gravitys Pull - Cosmic Clash - Higher Power
MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows - Swatches
Mysterious Influence - rich olive golden green
Retrograde - greyish black
Gravity's Pull - dark purple
Cosmic Clash - deep green
Higher Power - rich deep brown
MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows Swatches - Aphrodisiatic - Dynamically Charged - Blue Karma
MAC Spellbinder Eyeshadows - Swatches
Aprhrodisiatic - rich cobalt blue
Blue Karma - soft greyish teal
Dynamically Charged - taupe bronze

I just cannot get over how these eyeshadows look - like fuzzy velvet - but feel just like pigments (or smooth shimmery eyeshadows) when touched.  The colors are quite pigmented and show up quite vibrant on my medium-dark skintone.  I do think these eyeshadows are meant to be patted on for true color payoff.  Blending would just make them look like sheer washes of shimmer.  Overall, I really liked the colors and the design of these eyeshadows.  In terms of how much product you actually get in each bulky pot, and since the effect seems similar to a good quality pigmented metallic eyeshadow, I do think they are a bit expensive.  Still, they do look nice, and if you are someone who prefers buying smaller quantities and/or only a color or two, these MAC Spellbinder eyeshadows might be a good pick.

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