Jan 16, 2017

My Burberry Black Eau de Parfum

My Burberry Black Eau de Parfum - Perfume Review
My Burberry Black Eau de Parfum
Fragrance Notes:  Sun-drenched Jasmine, Peach Nectar, Candied Rose, Amber Patchouli
Style:  Floral. Sexy. Intimate

My Burberry Black is a recently launched flanker to the original My Burberry (that was launched a while back).  While the original is designed as a light summer fragrance with floral and green notes that sound good on paper, it leaves a sour/bitter note as it dries down on my skin, so not really one of my favorites.  My Burberry Black, thankfully, doesn't behave the same way.  

The bottle that houses My Burberry Black perfume is classic Burberry in its design, an elegant square glass bottle with the fabric around the neck and the cap of the bottle celebrating the trench coats that the design house is so famous for.  Moving on to the perfume itself, this opens with a fruity blast that mingles in with soft floral notes of jasmine and rose as the perfume settles into the skin.  A warm sweetness rounds out the perfume, but there is also a bright green note mingling in with the fruity florals that keeps it from getting into the cloying sweet category.  I love fruity florals, so it's no surprise that I quite like My Burberry Black.  I do find it a bit too strong, though, and even the tiniest spritz lasts a long time on my skin.  I could even smell it on my laptop one time!  Overall, a good pick for cooler winter nights, but best used in small doses and probably not around someone with a sensitive nose.

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