Feb 6, 2017

Lavanila Perfumes - Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Lavender

Lavanila Perfumes - Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Lavender - Fragrance Review
Lavanila Perfumes - Pure Vanilla and Vanilla Lavender ($58 each)
Available at lavanila.com | Sephora  (
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Lavanila creates luxurious fragrance and body care products with a blend of natural and organic ingredients and a focus on creating safe, effective, and nourishing products.  True to this philosophy, the Lavanila fragrances are labled as healthy fragrances and use naturally derived organic sugarcane alcohol and skin-friendly ingredients.  Each of their perfumes starts with a warm base of Madagascar vanilla which is then blended with pure essential oils to create unique perfumes.  I recently got the chance to try out two of these fragrances - Pure Vanilla and Vanilla-Lavender.

Lavanila Perfumes - Pure Vanilla - Fragrance Review
Lavanila Pure Vanilla Perfume 
Fragrance Notes:  Madagascar Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Freesia, Heliotrope
Style: Sexy. Oriental. Pure.

The Lavanila Pure Vanilla is a must-have for anyone who loves vanilla.  It's pure delicious vanilla with a comforting sweetness to it.  This does not smell like cupcakes or cookies, which is what a lot of vanilla-based scents tend to smell like (and I like that version too).  Rather, it's a soft, warm vanilla that smells quite grown-up, with just a hint of fresh floral notes.  I could wear Lavanila Pure Vanilla any time of the year, but it would be a great fragrance to wear during cooler months and/or evenings.

Lavanila Perfumes - Vanilla Lavender - Fragrance Review
Lavanila Vanilla-Lavender Perfume
Fragrance Notes:  Spanish Lavender, Rose Absolute, Violet Leaf, Madagascar Vanilla.
Style:   Fresh. Clean. Floral.

For the longest time, I used to hate lavender-based scents - going only by what was sold as lavender in bath and body products - and then I smelled a sprig of dried lavender and fell in love with the smell.  The Lavanila Vanilla-Lavender perfume reminds me of that.  It starts off with a fresh sharp herbal scent from the lavender with the vanilla notes getting more prominent as the perfume settles in.  While the lavender notes are the most dominant in this fragrance, I do get hints of rose and  the freshness from the violet leaf blended in the perfume.  Lavanila Vanilla Lavender would be my pick for a spring-summer day perfume.

What sets the Lavanila fragrances apart from most other perfumes I have tried is how truly pure and natural these perfumes smell.  Lavanila fragrances are created using pure essentail oils, and these perfumes have a very fresh, natural scent that truly reflects this. The notes are rich and fresh, but the perfumes never smell too strong or cloyingly sweet.  I could easily wear these to work without worrying about bothering anyone with a sensitive nose,  Perfect to wear every day. and any time I want to smell good but not really like I am wearing perfume.

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