Jun 29, 2017

Belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask

Belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Face Mask - Skincare Review - How to Use - Ingredients
Belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask ($8)

I am quite obsessed with face masks, and sheet masks in particular are among my favorites.  It also helps that a lot of these masks are available in single-sheet packaging, priced just right to round out my Sephora shopping basket.  My current favorite is the Belif Aqua Bomb Sheet Mask.  I have been using the Belif Aqua Bomb moisturizer for ages now, so I just had to try out this sheet mask variant.  The formula/ingredients are similar to that of the moisturizer, but the essence used in the mask seems like a heavier version of the Aqua Bomb moisturizer (probably because alcohol is missing on the ingredient list here).  If you have normal-dry skin and/or live some place super dry (low humidity, indoor heating, etc.), this could be the perfect mask for you - read on to know more.