Blogger - Things to Do

A few days back, I got a mail from a friend of mine saying she could not see my blog.  I logged in to check what was wrong and sure enough, the blog was missing - disappeared.  The dashboard was empty, and I had a cheerful message from Blogger telling me that I am not the author of any blog and I can create one now.  I panicked, called some very patient people a million times, and generally drove my husband mad.  Ultimately, the blog did come back - on it's own.  No idea what was wrong.  The experience did teach me a few things, though, that I would like to share with anybody who uses Blogger.

I will try to post the few things that I remember, and I am breaking them down into different posts because I am just too lazy to do it in one post.  I understand some of these may sound too stupid and/or are points that you are aware of already.  These posts are for people like me who might neglect/forget to do simple things.  Plus, I learned from what other people had written in help forums and on their blogs, and it helped a lot, so this is my way of helping someone else who might be where I was some time back.

#1 Export/Import Blog - Keep regular backups
#2 Deleting/Restoring Blog
#3 Blogger Contact - Help Forum